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Re: Green Line Reconfiguration

This will be either mindbogglingly stupid, or, perhaps, a bit less than stupid:

> Box tunnel under Herald
> Narrow cut under Albany and short bit of 93 spaghetti on alignment into...
> Re-purpose underutilized Airport HOV lane under Fort Point Channel
> Connect into Silver Line tunnel - this connection is most difficult because it would need to pass over the 90 Channel Tunnel, but the area is so clear that there must be at least one viable routing
> Essex Street stub-ending becomes a GL turnback

Benefits: 1) Utilize existing infrastructure, 2) Eliminate Seaport branch "dead end", 3) Enable better connectivity from the heart of the Seaport to the OL (with single-transfer connection to BBY) 4) Better stop location to serve Ink Block developments, with logical Seaport connectivity

Drawbacks: Looks stupid and circuitous.
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