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  1. George_Apley

    🔹 What's Happening With Project X?

    Maybe not the best place for this announcement, but I don't want to add to the stickies: "[X Neighborhood] Developments" threads have all been renamed "[X Neighborhood] Infill and Small Developments" threads. Please use those threads only for... infill and small projects. Apartment house-sized...
  2. George_Apley

    401 Park Drive (formerly Landmark Center) | Fenway

    With such easy connection to the LMA I'd be amazed if this spot didn't get a tenant quick.
  3. George_Apley

    archBOSTON Update: A New Dawn

    Good criticism. IMO, based on some of the feedback on here it may make sense to look at things this way: If a digression is limited and closed-ended, leave it be. If a digression is ongoing and on the topic of another thread, redirect the convo to the appropriate thread. If moving off-topic...
  4. George_Apley

    North End / Downtown Small Infill Projects

    Given that we have small infill threads for many distinct neighborhoods and this has evolved into a North End thread, I'm going to rebrand this for Downtown and North End small infill projects. Holla back if you have some strong disagreement.
  5. George_Apley

    New Red and Orange Line Cars

    GLX from Union to Porter would help a lot with the downtown transfer stations. So would GLX on the Grand Junction.
  6. George_Apley

    Portland, ME - New Construction Continued

    Better safe than opening the forum up to legal action.
  7. George_Apley

    The Hub on Causeway (née TD Garden Towers) | 80 Causeway Street | West End

    Probably less than the negative publicity and the threats to cancel season tickets were worth.
  8. George_Apley

    New Red and Orange Line Cars

    Man, this implies that the workers for the MBTA are either no-talent union hacks or underpaid schlubs. Holy gross generalization, Batman!
  9. George_Apley

    How Tall Are Boston's Buildings and Should They Be Taller?

    I think this is escalating needlessly... Maybe avoid terms like "fetishist" when describing people. All it does is raise the temperature. Ultimately @chrisbrat and @DZH22 aren't saying anything super different about what makes Boston great. I also don't think that there are many people who are...
  10. George_Apley

    Ode to Brutalism

    I- 1974? For goodness sake, WHY?
  11. George_Apley

    P&G close to deal for Fort Point land next to GE headquarters

    On first glance, this looks like a major improvement over previous plans.
  12. George_Apley

    Marriott Moxy Hotel | 240 Tremont Street (Parcel P-7A) | Theater District

    Shade is the biggest bullshit reason to oppose or complain about new development. 100% wish there was more shade in most of the city. In the winter it’s cold regardless of sun/shade. In the summer, areas without shade are unbearable to walk through. No one is suffering for having to walk under...
  13. George_Apley

    archBOSTON Update: A New Dawn

    Fair enough. I've noticed that sometimes the problem with the mod "please continue this discussion in [x thread]" announcement is that it tends to kill the conversation that's happening, rather than the folks discussing moving it over. Not that I can tell. That would be useful feature if...
  14. George_Apley

    Green Line Extension to Medford & Union Sq

    I'm going to suggest that bus reconfiguration convo redirect to MBTA Bus & BRT. Great convo, but at this point, this thread is best used for construction updates, images, etc.
  15. George_Apley

    Green Line Extension to Medford & Union Sq

    Union does/did have room for a bus loop (was it eliminated from the planning?). I don't know that Washington Street/East Somerville does... I totally get your point that it seems like they didn't plan ahead for reworking the bus network post-GLX. I wonder if it would have made sense to do so...
  16. George_Apley

    Green Line Extension to Medford & Union Sq

    Agreed that they're gonna need to restructure bus routes post-GLX. Buses like the 86 become more important because they don't simply link Orange and Red, but Orange, GLX-Tufts, GLX-Union, and Red. Cross-Somerville buses are tricky because northeast/southwest roads tend to be narrow and hilly...
  17. George_Apley

    Flickr Finds

    The loss of this rich urbanity was such a goddamn tragedy.
  18. George_Apley

    Cambridge Crossing (NorthPoint) | East Cambridge/Charlestown | Cambridge/Boston

    ^ @ant8904, I largely agree with you, but I think that O'Brien can be sufficiently calmed between the RR overpass and the MOS that an overpass is rendered unnecessary. I think if possible an at-grade solution works best for urbanism. Storrow Drive is *not* currently a place where at-grade...
  19. George_Apley

    Worcester Ballpark & Redev

    FYI - moved this thread to Greater New England, which is where Worcester threads should currently be. The redirect link in Developments will go away tomorrow.