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    South Station Tower | South Station | Downtown

    Disable JavaScript in your browser and you can read it. The gist is previous Chinese investor is out and two newinvestors are in. Asking for extension until Dec 31. Construction is not imminent.
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    The Hub on Causeway (née TD Garden Towers) | 80 Causeway Street | West End

    That screen is pretty sick. Hopefully the Sox make the playoffs again next year because I'd love watch a game there.
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    How Tall Are Boston's Buildings and Should They Be Taller?

    At this point I just picture Odurandina as Randy from South Park.
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    CambridgeSide Office/Lab | First Street | East Cambridge

    Cambridge gonna Cambridge.
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    Winthrop Center | 115 Winthrop Square | Financial District

    I would like to point out they started significant foundation work for this project around September/October of last year... prep work began Spring of 2018.
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    Gables Seaport (née Waterside Place 1B) | 505 Congress Street | Seaport

    Well it's better than Waterside Place... but not by much.
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    The Beacon | 819 Beacon St. | Fenway

    I hope the BCDC pushes on the street wall, but I suspect they won't because they're bad at using their leverage. Housing good... suburban-esque planning... bad
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    New Cape Cod Bridges

    Loved the aesthetic design of the current bridges... hated driving over them all the years I did so. Far too narrow for the speed of traffic if you were traveling onto the Cape during non tourist times. Here's hoping the Army Corps proposes some bold designs.
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    The Sudbury (Bulfinch Crossing Residential Tower) | 50 Sudbury St | GCG Phase I | Gov't Center

    I was out for a run earlier and went up The Greenway. This thing really kinda dominates the view. It will be interesting once this complex is built out... very exciting!
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    Providence Construction

    The basement's almost as tall as the building...
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    The Sudbury (Bulfinch Crossing Residential Tower) | 50 Sudbury St | GCG Phase I | Gov't Center

    I like named buildings but The Sudbury is a new level of awful.
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    The Ipswich | 2 Charlesgate West | Fenway

    I'll skip discussing the design or height of the building. I think this kind of commitment to affordable density in the Fenway is great.
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    Councilor Wu's Proposal To Abolish The BPDA (65-pp. report)

    Before we get too far into the discussion, it would be nice if moderators could commit to keeping this thread on track and clean up folks that take political / ideological pot shots (you know who you are). My big fear is that this will grind development to a halt in Boston by making the process...
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    Boylston Place (née Scape Student Housing) | 1252-1268 Boylston Street | Fenway

    I could make 300 sq ft work. I really just need a bed and desk space for my multiple computers. Between my current bedroom and home office I'm not working with much more than 300 sqft as it is. I rarely go into the living room except to get to the kitchen and I don't cook much either. I...
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    Worcester Improvements

    Smart purchase at that price, the property is massively undervalued. That's basically 130K per unit...
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    Boylston Place (née Scape Student Housing) | 1252-1268 Boylston Street | Fenway

    1300 units? I have a hard time seeing that gettng through the neighborhood approval...
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    The St Regis Residences (former Whiskey Priest site) | 150 Seaport Blvd | Seaport

    As with all things I'm sure there's a spectrum of reasons but I agree at a certain level of wealth 24k becomes nothing money.
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    Let's Make Boston More Fun

    1. The first two are not unique to Boston so sure they can be better but I'm not sure we're losing anyone of significance because of it. All our peer cities are equally expensive. Most are about the same safety wise and (or worse). Third point, you keep saying that like you believe it. You...
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    Let's Make Boston More Fun

    1. Boston is already livable. 2. Boston is already incredibly safe. 3. Boston is not "fun" for some definition of "fun". Boston is not behind the times just because it doesn't cater to your particular interests. Pro-tip: When you want to get support for something from people close to the thing...
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    Let's Make Boston More Fun

    /r/boston is that way. Good luck.