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    Gov. Baker pushes $18 billion transportation spending bill

    It's also not just about the overall economy - it's about equity, jobs access, healthcare access, local pollution reduction, carbon pollution reduction, and so on. It's asinine to say that you have climate goals while being unwilling to invest in the transit system beyond modest improvements...
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    General MBTA Discussion Thread

    The Tam looks just fine at 1 AM with the lights on.
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    General MBTA Discussion Thread

    You've gotta be out of your mind.
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    Gov. Baker pushes $18 billion transportation spending bill

    Wanting to simply do maintenance if nothing else is fine if our standard is mediocrity at best. We should have a higher bar than that, regardless of the governor's need to be seen as Mr. Fiscal Responsibility.
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    Motor Mart Tower | 201 Stuart Str. | Park Sq | Boston

    Looks like this is up for approval at this afternoon's meeting.
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    Marriott Moxy Hotel | 240 Tremont Street (Parcel P-7A) | Theater District

    There's a lot of Bologna in this thread, if you know what I mean.
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    The New Retail Thread

    I believe the word "downtown" is doing a lot of work in that statement.
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    Councilor Wu's Proposal To Abolish The BPDA (65-pp. report)

    The BRA was never abolished, it was simply rebranded, which is what you're pre-accusing Wu of doing. I also don't think she would be "anti-development" - if you listen to what she's saying, I think you'll find that she's not a NIMBY. She may not be as pro-development as the people on this board...
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    General Boston Discussion.

    Rather than immediately replying with your predictable, knee-jerk bombast, you should take a look at the actual report. There's a lot in the Boston development process that needs improvement, even if you think we've got a supply shortage.
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    🔹 What's Happening With Project X?

    I've been meaning to go to one of these as well. If you're really going some Tuesday let me know. I'll show up.
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    Proposed Development for 110 Broad Street

    A public meeting for members of the Impact Advisory Group to discuss the proposed development project for 110 Broad St. will be hosted by the Boston Redevelopment Authority on Monday, February 2nd. The development team and members of the BRA will be present at this meeting. This proposed...
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    Olympics 2024: First Community Meeting

    Boston will hold its first public meeting about possibly hosting the 2024 Olympics on Tuesday, January 27th at 6:30 pm at the Suffolk Law School (120 Tremont St.), and no registration is required to attend the meeting.
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    Emerson College's Little Building Renovation Project Public Meeting

    A public meeting will be held on Monday, January 26th from 6-7:30 pm at the Hyatt Regency Boston (One Avenue De Lafayette) to discuss Emerson College's proposed renovation for its Little Building. This meeting is being hosted by the Boston Redevelopment Authority. The proposed project consists...
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    Subpar Cell Phone Reception

    I suppose this could be considered an infrastructure issue, but I thought I'd put it here in General for now. I've got AT&T for the time being, and reception is virtually non-existent at certain places around town, including here in parts of Brighton. I remember from my previous time living in...
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    Boston Mayoral Candidate Forum on Transportation & Livable Communities

    If you're interested, register in advance here:
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    Lechmere Development

    the first two are of a 29-unit building on second street. and of course there's the One First development.
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    Posting Photos

    Could someone again post how to post photos in the forum? Much appreciated.