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    Roslindale Developments

    I didn't realize this was approved in August: However, there's a decent size project on Washington just outbound from the Square that isn't showing on the BRA website — anyone know what this is...
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    Porter Square Develoments

    Walked by this today — got excited since I thought I would be able to post my own pics for the very first time on this site... but then the site won't let me because cell phone pics are too big, and there's no obvious way to have them shrunk. Anyway, this is great density, but at the same...
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    Paul Rudolph's Government Services Center

    The big circular area in the center of the courtyard, and, by extension, the associated plazas around it. Right now it’s mostly frequented by ne’erdowells who show up to sell K2 to all the vulnerable homeless DMH clients who live in the Lindemann. It’s completely egregious but the DMH Police...
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    XenForo Update

    I just tried to upload two photos from my phone, and I’m unable to do so because the site is saying they are too large. There is no apparent way of reducing the photo size (like, when you do this on your phone via email, there is an immediate option to resize the photo if you want). Can anyone...
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    HN Gorin Hotel Project | 39 Stanhope Street | Back Bay

    Uh. Yeah. Because Marty Walsh’s administration is a cesspool of poorly supervised corrupt government officials, including the recent scandal at the BPDA. Very smart to change the name from the BRA… The scandal would sound so much worse if they had kept their original name. Now, if you didn’t...
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    General MBTA Discussion Thread

    Because every “rank” and “best of” of anything is always total bullshit. The US New and World Reports rankings of educational and healthcare institutions is one of the most egregious examples... don’t ever trust those “lists”.
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    Green Line Extension to Medford & Union Sq

    Are there plans to make the underpass deeper? This is a very low bridge.
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    Paul Rudolph's Government Services Center

    They could, but that concrete is already in rough shape so any vines would rip it apart. I think some judicious landscaping could be quite nice - but again, the rotunda is never used because it’s a dead end rather than a flow through, and there’s some great trees there already and potential...
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    Paul Rudolph's Government Services Center

    Whoa----- ALRIGHT! I've never wanted to do flickr etc but have wanted to post here for years...
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    Paul Rudolph's Government Services Center

    If I ever get around to creating a means to post my own images here, I will do so. But suffice it to say that I have some crappy pics showing quite a view: from midway up One Bowdoin Sq on the New Chardon side, looking down into and across the GSC rotunda — but, more importantly, to the...
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    XenForo Update

    Great. Thanks data.
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    XenForo Update

    I would favor whatever it takes to make any list look precisely like that: a list, with text only. If I see a list of uniform font text without the doodads and icons, I can scan it and process it quickly. The visual mind is always going to lose efficiency if there are extraneous colors or...
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    XenForo Update

    Two things: 1. I really do not like the "reaction score". I'm not here to use this site like facebook, and it's a real detractor. 2. When viewing the list of threads within a specific forum, to the left of each thread name you now are obliged to see a mess of different colors, icons and...
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    The Quinn (née The Berkeley) | 370-380 Harrison Ave | South End

    Does anyone know if there is a comprehensive plan to redesign Harrison once all this construction is complete? The urban renewal segment could actually, in the end, be a nice boulevard... I assume it’ll happen but haven’t heard of any specific plans. Edit - a simple google resolved this...
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    The Residences at Forest Hills | 3694 Washington Street | Jamaica Plain

    I bet they put that green in “as a nod to the historic emerald necklace” which is exactly the type of brainless tripe people at the BCDC eat up
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    RE: Posting of Banker & Tradesman Articles

    Yeah, Yeah but the request to not post entire articles really applies to all copyrighted material. Isn’t that one of the roles of moderators, to ensure that doesn’t happen? I don’t think we actually need a pinned thread just because this one outlet made a request a decade ago. It’s not...
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    Jackson Square Phase III | Jamaica Plain

    I would say activating the other side of the street is absolutely critical. Think of where this is… 15 years ago, there was absolutely nothing here, and as far as this corner goes the only thing that has changed is there is one large residential building here. But it remains a very windswept and...
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    MIT East Campus - Kendall Square Gateway | Cambridge

    I love the taller building, but I’m honestly not sure what I feel about the shorter wider one. It engages me, but there is something that pushes me away as well. Maybe it’s too wide for where it is, and I might like it better somewhere else? I want to like it a lot, I really do… but I’m...
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    XenForo Update

    Also - Yes, we need an edit button. And - we also seem to have lost the user stats that showed under each posters name on individual posts. I like knowing their join date and number of posts, can this be reinstalled?
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    XenForo Update

    Just logged on for the first time in a couple days, had no idea and was not expecting this. First, five minutes impression: Looks good Better on the mobile phone by far And as has already been said on here... Definitely needs the buttons that let you navigate to your choice of either first post...