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  1. Boston02124

    What building would you nominate for replacement

    Excluding city hall which building or building's would you like to see torn down or re-skinned if that's the correct term ? I nominate this 17 story building at South Station ,I would think it be a better suited for a public transit oriented residential tower 40 plus stories.
  2. Boston02124

    Davis Square Development

    This is in Davis sq.
  3. Boston02124

    128 development thread

    If there's another thread or simular please move Waltham> Burlington > woburn> feel free to add ur own pixs or dev. news newton this is from my old sign thread
  4. Boston02124

    Tree House Residence Hall Tower @ MassArt | 578 Huntington Avenue | Fenway

    Is there a thread for this already?
  5. Boston02124

    315 on A | 315 A Street | Fort Point

    sorry for the shitty pix did'nt have time to scan
  6. Boston02124

    Old sign thread

    If this thread already exist add these to it! Some of these I posted in my driveing around New England thread some are new And of course if anyone wants to add their own feel free to do so! Route 1 in mass. opps driveing as always like to see these lit up at nite! these next few were...
  7. Boston02124

    Dorchester Developments

    I saw this building on the train this morning, 1st time noticing it? On my way to Conn. later that morning I was able to take some pixs. Any one know what this is?I ride the train twice a day 5 times a week and I can't believe I've just noticed this today!!
  8. Boston02124

    Tampa Florida

    took some pixs on the way to the airport[/IMG] downtown St Petersburg from Tampa the space shuttle other Florida pixs Clearwater Fla. campas housing office building campus
  9. Boston02124

    My Boston

    Sometimes I get bored and mess with my pix's, some I've posted before, feel free to add your own!
  10. Boston02124

    Liberty Wharf | 220-270 Northern Ave | Seaport

    I could'nt find the Jimmy's Harbor side thread ,but its going up! 01-15-09
  11. Boston02124

    Fitchburg Mass.

    My home town! Growing up here in the 60's and 70's ,Our mile long shopping district had every store and would attract shopper's from North central Mass and Southern New Hampsire. You went to your neighborhood school and the city had it's own smaller nieghborhoods with thier own shopping...
  12. Boston02124

    Driving around New England Pix's

    I drive(work) all over New England, mostly metro Boston,Which is 98% of the pix's I post,But if I have my camera I take pix's of other New England cities and towns,I like when I go to some where new,today was Orange Mass. a town/city? I've never been to. rt 2 east rt 2 east Orange house/barn...
  13. Boston02124

    Crane Pix Past and Present

    some of these are old and some are new and some I,ve posted here and there! 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 34 35 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 38 feel free to add your own!
  14. Boston02124

    Proposed But Never Built

    Or yet to be built?? As I was doing the"what was proposed and what was built" thread I found I had some of these I,ll add more as I find them and of course add one's you might have! and do I dare put the fan piers,gateway cntr,SST,TNP ect,here? en%20what%20was%20built/xcranes464.jpg[/IMG]...
  15. Boston02124

    Basketball @NO.station

    when did this arrive? I take alot of my pix's while driveing(So get off my ass,stop blowing your horn and calling me a f-ing tourist lol!) so the quality of my pix's ar'ent always that great!