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  1. TallIsGood

    BCEC expansion

    Building is 56 years old. Last reno 31 years ago. It’s not that old but does need repairs and renovations again. Question is whether the $200m is better spent elsewhere.
  2. TallIsGood

    Congestion toll in Boston?

    Money is fungible, right?
  3. TallIsGood

    🔷 Open Thread

    Count me as not surprised at all. Just assuming they are finally reporting that there is graft in city approval process. Overly restricted zoning and over regulation creates this.
  4. TallIsGood

    Congestion toll in Boston?

    Probably going to fund union pensions and political graft.
  5. TallIsGood

    Tracking affordable housing

    Because we are WAY underbuilding housing relative to job creation.
  6. TallIsGood

    archBOSTON Update: A New Dawn

    I agree that since the site is ad supported its not non-commercial. I don’t disagree that it’s use could be limited to use on this site (not other sites) and notice prior to changes of terms of service.
  7. TallIsGood

    archBOSTON Update: A New Dawn

    I agree they need the license. You retain copyright which is what you want.
  8. TallIsGood

    The Rise of the Supertall

    Article from Popular Science with pictures:
  9. TallIsGood

    Bush? BUSH!

    Fuck Bush? What does that have to do with anything? The state and towns are all controlled by Democrats. Let's focus on the developments and not irrelevant political comments.