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    Pier 4 Condo Building (Former Anthony's site) | Seaport

    Couldn't agree more with these sentiments...the city is improving dramatically. Yes affordability is a major issue, but in terms of street life, public spaces and excitement, it's 100% better than it was just 10 years ago.
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    EB80 | 80 East Berkeley | South End

    New office project on East Berkeley...PNF with renderings below.
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    Is Boston a municipal version of Greece? The city of Boston pays more than 3,800 individuals in excess of $100,000. The median HOUSEHOLD income in the city of Boston is $39,000 and the median household income in the metro area is $69,000. A lot could be done with that...
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    iphones and potholes

    I just wanted to pass along a positive story about infrastructure, technology and the city... Yesterday morning, as I walked to get my morning coffee in the South End, I noticed that a pothole that surrounded a manhole cover on Berkeley Street had grown significantly larger. As I sat in the...
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    The Condo Project Death pool: Who is next on the Auction Block?

    I've been privately speculating for months about the prospects for the supply of condos that have recently come on line. The outlook is very grim. How much longer before these developers are forced to unload units in an auction, as happened with the Natick Mall project? Who is most at risk? 45...
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    1920s Boston video

    Great footage of the city in the 1920s
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    Boston Development Project of the Year 2008

    Would anyone like to suggest some nominations and perhaps even a few categories. Similarly we could have a poll on the WORST projects of the year.
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    Four More Years?

    Will Mr. Mayor For Life ever go away?
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    I'm curious to know how many of the participants of archboston community work in real estate.
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    Just wondering what happened to the professor emeritus of the archboston community. Is Ablarc still posting? I hope nothing unfortunate happened. I'm still terribly curious to know what he does professionally. I've got to imagine he works or manages an architectural firm.
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    Hairbrained Menino Schemes

    It seems like every time I turn around Menino is making a grand announcement about a monumental initiative to transform or redevelop a part of the city...lately we've had Tommy's Tower and the relocation of City Hall. In the past, there was the abandoned plans to redevelop City Hall Plaza. I...
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    Harborview in Foreclosure

    If there was any doubt that the real estate market is in trouble, this little item should eliminate any doubts... If this has already been reported elsewhere on the site, I apologize. Either way, this is a rather incredible event...
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    The Economics of Building in Boston, Part 2

    Economics I know this is off topic...but I think Bobby Digital's comment about the economics of development is really important and interesting. It's widely known that our low interest rates- which is enabled by massive Asian investment in US treasuries- has been the driving force behind the...
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    Parcel P-3

    Developers, Boston Officials Have a Lot of Hope in Site By Thomas Grillo Heritage Common, the proposed 681,407-square-foot redevelopment of a vacant parcel in Boston?s Roxbury neighborhood by Weston Assoc. and Taylor Smith Properties, is shown above in an artist?s rendering. Forty years...