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    Boston Tram Network

    Since Boston is Sister Cities with Melbourne and Strasbourg, which have very extensive tram networks, is it possible for Boston to construct a tram network similar to those cities? We can start with the HarborTram Proposal, and we can also incorporate the B and C branches of the Green Line and...
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    Bloomingdale's Expansion in Boston

    All of us know that Bloomingdale's has only one location in Boston, at Chestnut Hill. Nordstrom and Lord & Taylor, both of which who are Bloomingdale's competitors, have 4 locations in the area, with Lord & Taylor having a location in the Back Bay. I've heard of Bloomingdale's proposing a store...
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    Eataly Boston

    Guys, what do you think about Eataly opening a location in Boston, on the Greenway, on the North End Municipal Lot? What would the local North End merchants say about it? It would be a good draw, and could complement the Boston Public Market and the Blackstone Market proposal? Do you think...
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    2012 ArchBoston Awards

    Is it time for the 2012 Awards yet?
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    Moynihan Station East

    We know that before March 2008, there were plans to relocate Madison Square Garden into the Farley Post Office in New York City and on MSG's old site, which was where old Pennsylvania Station was, build a new train station, designed by Foster and Partners. The station would either have two...
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    2011 Archboston Awards

    Is it time for us to get started on the 2011 Archboston Awards?
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    CBTC for the T

    How possible would it be to install a Communications Based Train Control system, similar to those installed on the metros in Beijing, Shanghai, and Paris, on the Red Line, with future expansion to the Blue and Orange Lines, as well as new construction? Would a Bombardier system work well for a...
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    Relaunching Design Research

    Out of curiosity, how hard would it be to revive Design Research in Cambridge? After acquiring the rights to the name, the building, moving the current tenants out to other locations, and reassembling the entire staff and finding some new people too and the right people to run it, would it be...
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    Rebuilding Pennsylvania Station

    Greetings all, This is a completely Blue-Sky Idea. Now that we have gotten the ball rolling on Moynihan Station (Albeit slowly), we should begin thinking about the future for the existing Pennsylvania Station. If, by some miracle, we can make several arrangements for the occupants of Madison...
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    Tour Sans Fin in Boston

    OK everyone, since my last post has been poorly received, here's something that might make it up. I was thinking of taking the Jean Nouvel's Tour Sans Fins that was proposed, but never built for La Defense, and constructing it on Purchase Street, between Congress and Pearl Street. FAA Concerns...
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    Redesigning Prudential Tower

    Recently, I have been looking at the Prudential Tower and how ugly many people say it looks. I have also been looking at Tom Dolle's 1986 proposal to redesign the facade of the Prudential Center and does anybody think it would work today? Or would something different be done, like redesigning...
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    Future Luxury Hotels in Boston

    Now that we have a Mandarin Oriental and The Fairmont Battery Wharf, where would be a good location in Boston for the following luxury hotel chains: St. Regis The Plaza Waldorf Astoria Park Hyatt Jumeirah Peninsula Please share your ideas. By the way, I think a good location for a Waldorf...
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    Louis Boston Newbury Street

    How does this sound for a good idea? Take the Louis Boston Building on Newbury Street gut the interior and construct a tall, slim skyscraper, similar to the ones found in Vancouver, preserving the original building, ala Hearst Tower in New York City. Here are some pics to show my point Louis...