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  1. Lrfox

    New Red and Orange Line Cars

    Proof that the MBTA has moments of efficiency.
  2. Lrfox

    The Alcott (née Garden Garage Towers) | 35 Lomasney Way | West End

    I assume that's a core starting to rise? Nice! The enormity of this pit is really impressive.
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    Paul Rudolph's Government Services Center

    When you refer to the "rotunda," what do you mean? I do wish they'd reopen the stairs as well. The Merrimac Lot is overstuffed with vehicles, and parking was never its intended purpose (it was supposed to be a plaza). They've removed a lot of the chain link fence around the building, but it...
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    Providence Construction

    New apartment building proposed for the Jewelry District: Looks good to me! The buildings it would replace are not anything special.
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    Assembly Row (Assembly Sq Redevelopment) | Assembly Square | Somerville

    You can see in the old aerials linked above that this appears to be a singular structure that's been in place for a while. There really doesn't appear to be any space between the two buildings either. The ladder just provides access to the sections of the roof that are higher than others.
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    Assembly Row (Assembly Sq Redevelopment) | Assembly Square | Somerville

    This is is an incredible tool. Thanks for all but ensuring my complete lack of productivity today.
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    Assembly Row (Assembly Sq Redevelopment) | Assembly Square | Somerville

    I was sitting with a couple of friends last night when the news popped up. All of us live in Somerville, and all of us took longer than it should have taken us to remember this place was actually at Assembly. I think of Trader Joe's and (to a lesser degree) Christmas Tree Shops when I think of...
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    New Red and Orange Line Cars

    I rode the new train for the first time today at rush hour (about 8:15) from Sullivan with my girlfriend who is not even remotely a transit enthusiast. I think she was more impressed than I was - largely due to the fact that I've been reading, researching, and anticipating this while she's paid...
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    General MBTA Discussion Thread

    I've enjoyed the MBTA website recently on both mobile and desktop, but it's clearly aimed at mobile users. To me, that's fine. Mobile users make up the majority of website visitors nowadays. I haven't seen the data, but I'd wager that this is even more accurate for transit users as they are, by...
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    New Red and Orange Line Cars

    The new set in revenue service was running this AM during the rush. Not saying it hasn't happened yet, but it's the first I've seen it. I've only seen it off-peak prior to this morning.
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    Assembly Row (Assembly Sq Redevelopment) | Assembly Square | Somerville

    I went to Assembly at lunch today with my girlfriend to run a few errands (missed the new OL train by 7 minutes, but that's a different story). It's actually more convenient to get to from our offices downtown (both pretty close to the orange line) than by any transit option (even driving) from...
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    State Library Needs Help Identifying "Mystery Photos" of Construction Sites in MA

    State Library Needs Help Identifying "Mystery Photos" of Construction Sites in MA Figured this would be appropriate for AB: Here's the article...
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    50 Staniford Street Renovation

    More: This looks like it might be a vast improvement over the nothingness that currently exists on that spot. It'll never be a vibrant, thriving retail stretch, but this is one less chunk of dead space with (hopefully) some...
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    Shattuck Hospital to Relocate to BMC Campus

    Full story in the globe: Quick rundown: The state plans to close the 64-year-old Lemuel Shattuck Hospital in Jamaica Plain and move its inpatient...
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    Pedestrian Only Zones

    I'm creating this thread because I want to talk about the Globe article on Hagman Street in Winthrop, but I'm sure it's not the first attempt at something like this and I know it won't be the last (with Boston attempting it in various locations), so it might not be a bad idea to have a general...
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    Posts being deleted?

    I had two posts in the "Biking in Boston" thread disappear over the past few days. Both contained an image hosted on Imgur (which I just started using as a result of photobucket going rogue). The image was pretty basic (the new bike counter on Causeway/Merrimack), and the posts were hardly...
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    I'm heading to Istanbul for 8 days in a week and a half and am looking for suggestions on things to see/do from anyone here who has been. I'm staying in Sultanahmet and will obviously spend some time at the major sites. I'm also planning to do an overnight in Cappadocia (fly to Kayseri, rent a...
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    Behind the scenes at Mass DOT

    *edit* I posted these without first asking if I could post them here which I should have done. I've temporarily taken them down until I'm sure it's OK for them to be posted.
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    I was in Japan for a around 2 weeks earlier in May. I know many of you have been before, but this was my first time. I loved it but that's probably largely because I didn't have enough time to see the negative. I spent time in Tokyo (rented an apartment near the Nishi Ogikubo station)...
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    I'm heading to Shanghai (4 days) and Beijing (5 days) at the end of March, early April. I've never been before and I know a lot of you have either lived there or spent some time over there and I was hoping to get some ideas on what to do in my free time from fellow architecture/urban planning...