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  1. Beton Brut

    XenForo Update

    Thanks Ernie... I think the solution here is active communication, and a resulting dialog. If my dissident compatriots and I are incorrect in our understanding of the issues we’ve been asking about for over two months, please engage with us. Address our concerns, even if you’re unsympathetic...
  2. Beton Brut

    XenForo Update

    @SkyriseCities - what about the written content? The current TOU (posed above in this thread) suggest otherwise. At no point have you been responsive to a direct question about this very simple issue. Also, there is a legal distinction between "control" and "ownership." How does your business...
  3. Beton Brut

    archBOSTON Update: A New Dawn

    I'd be very interested to know when these terms were put up, before the upgrade, or as part of it. Agree. This is no fucking bueno. Throw this nonsense in the fire, or I'm out. And I'm pretty sure I won't be alone.
  4. Beton Brut

    Notre Dame de Paris

    For some of us, this is a bit like the Kennedy Assassination...
  5. Beton Brut

    2019 Pritzker Prize - Arata Isozaki Isozaki began his career in the offices of fellow Pritzker Laureate Kenzo Tange.
  6. Beton Brut

    RIP Kevin Roche

    Another great one has left the planet.
  7. Beton Brut

    What's everyone drinking...?

    A combination of boredom and deep curiosity has inspired me to start this thread. We're a fairly discerning lot here, so I imagined this to be fertile ground for conversation and learning. If you'll pardon the pun, the spirit here is similar to this thread. I'm a brown liquor person, single...
  8. Beton Brut

    Celebrating 50 Years of Boston City Hall

    Join Mayor Martin J. Walsh in celebrating Boston City Hall’s 50th birthday at an afternoon reception with building architect, Michael McKinnell. February 2019 marks the 50th anniversary since Boston City Hall’s first dedication ceremony took place. To celebrate this milestone, Mayor Walsh...
  9. Beton Brut

    Sumner Tunnel Entrance Reconstruction and Toll Plaza Demolition Project Update

    MassDOT will host a Sumner Tunnel Entrance Reconstruction and Toll Plaza Demolition Project Update Meeting to provide information about the advancing construction at the tunnel entrance and former toll plaza resulting from the elimination of toll booths. Link
  10. Beton Brut

    Happy 100th Birthday, Paul Rudolph!

    Another true giant of Modernism reaches the century mark. Given the often contentious nature of his vision and artistry, I say don't hate -- celebrate... > Paul Rudolph Foundation > Paul Rudolph Heritage Foundation
  11. Beton Brut

    Suffolk Downs Public Meeting

    Location: East Boston High School 86 White Street East Boston, MA 02128 Description: Senator Boncore, Representative Madaro, City Councilor Edwards, and the Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Services, along with the HYM Investment Group, LLC, will be holding a public meeting to discuss the Draft...
  12. Beton Brut

    Henry Cobb, interviewed in the Globe

    Our prodigal son comes home...Interesting thoughts on the Harbor Towers, the Hancock, and One Dalton. The man who designed modern Boston
  13. Beton Brut

    PLAN: East Boston Open House & IPOD Information Session

    Description: Please join us for an information session about the PLAN: East Boston neighborhood planning initiative. Meet the City’s planning team, share your ideas and learn about the planning process, the Interim Planning Overlay District (IPOD) and how you can get involved. Light...
  14. Beton Brut

    Suffolk Downs Impact Advisory Group Meeting

    Description: The Suffolk Downs development team, HYM Investments, is seeking feedback from the Impact Advisory Group (IAG) prior to filing a Draft Project Impact Report. Please note that the purpose of this meeting is different than that of a traditional community meeting. As part of the...
  15. Beton Brut

    Happy 100th Birthday, Jørn Utzon!
  16. Beton Brut

    Bjarke Ingels

    Though I'm not enamored with his scheme for 2WTC, I found this interesting.
  17. Beton Brut

    RIP Zaha Hadid

    Bloody awful news.
  18. Beton Brut

    Suffolk Downs Urban Design Workshop Concept Presentations

    The Suffolk Downs Urban Design Workshop is the third in an ongoing series of Urban Design Workshops organized by the BSA Foundation. The workshops’ overall goal is to open up dialogue and stimulate thinking about the design potential of places with particularly significant and compelling...
  19. Beton Brut

    Druker Lecture, featuring Elizabeth Diller

    The Druker lecture celebrating design and architecture was established in 2001 to mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of The Druker Company and its three generations of development and philanthropy in the City of Boston; as well as to commemorate the family's longstanding relationship...
  20. Beton Brut

    Oscar Niemeyer, 1907 - 2012

    Aw shit...