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    Assembly Row (Assembly Sq Redevelopment) | Assembly Square | Somerville

    Damn, the only place at Assembly where it was easy to find a parking spot.
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    General MBTA Discussion Thread

    Another fire on the MBTA
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    General MBTA Discussion Thread

    Terrible night for northern commuter rail lines. 2 lines basically shut down during rush hour.
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    New Red and Orange Line Cars

    Well, hopefully that means that there will be more than a single train in service soon.
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    New Red and Orange Line Cars

    Looks like it skipped this morning's rush hour.
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    XenForo Update

    To the last request in the Google doc, I don't see the point of the original page with only the logo. Why can't or just go directly to the form?
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    Fantasy T maps

    I think light rail transit would work in Winchester, although money would be better spent extending the Orange Line out to Melrose to the north or West Roxbury/Roslindale to the south.
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    New Red and Orange Line Cars

    Hopefully in a few weeks the 2nd set will go online, and getting on one of the new trains will be a bit easier.
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    Fantasy T maps

    The problem with extending the Blue up to Woburn, is that the ROW to Woburn Center doesn't exist anymore. You could bring it to Anderson, that'll serve more park and ride than walk up ridership. Also Winchester isn't dense enough for heavy rail rapid transit imo.
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    South Bay Center Expansion | Dorchester

    Looks like an apartment complex in anywhere USA. Assembly has more character. Anyway, it's good considering the location.
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    New Red and Orange Line Cars

    Saw it for the first time in rush hour revenue service at Sullivan
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    New Red and Orange Line Cars

    I know i'm on the wrong thread here, but looking at it now looks like there is a 3rd Green Line type 9 car in service.
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    Reasonable Transit Pitches

    ^With River Works, you can reopen it when it starts to get developed, but as of now busy rush hour trains stop to let on/off less than 5 people. At that point the extra stop hurts ridership more than it helps it. Commuter Rail stops should only exist if they're open to the public, River Works...
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    Reasonable Transit Pitches

    Yes I agree they need to get rid of Prides Crossing. I was just pointing out Cummings because I believe it would open up some reverse commutes. Anyway, i'd build a South Salem/Salem State station first. Anywhere along Canal Street would work. Then to keep train times the same I'd get rid of...
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    Reasonable Transit Pitches

    Add a Cummings Center station on the Newburyport Line in Beverly. I know it's sort of close to Depot, but it's still a mile.
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    Marriott Moxy Hotel | 240 Tremont Street (Parcel P-7A) | Theater District

    Looks like something that belongs in Times Square. I like it.
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    archBOSTON Update: A New Dawn

    The mobile site has improved greatly.
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    Looks like we're back up!!
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    The next BIG skyscraper to BLOCK

    We don't want SHADOWS over out PARKS. Which tower should we look to block next. Gotta protect the parks and not turn Boston into Manhattan. All of the height fetishists should move to MANHATTAN
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    Harvard Tower | 120 Western Ave | Allston

    No renders yet. But according to confidential sources Harvard is planning on releasing plans for a 1776 foot tower on their Boston campus. They are expecting to announce a prominent Washington state company as the anchor tenant. Construction should correspond with the I90 reconfiguration...