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    Logan Airport Capital Projects

    Making good progress on Terminal E addition.
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    Winthrop Center | 115 Winthrop Square | Financial District

    Just barely seeing it poking up among it’s neighbors from the HOV lane off 93 N heading to Logan.
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    Kenmore Square North | 533-541 Commonwealth Ave | Fenway

    That's the most fun signage I've ever seen on a building! Perfect for this building.
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    Cambridge Crossing (NorthPoint) | East Cambridge/Charlestown | Cambridge/Boston

    Cambridge Crossing seen from the air..
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    Boston Landing | New Balance Complex | Brighton

    Seen from the air…
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    Logan Airport Flights and Airlines Discussion A good read on the competition between Delta and Jet Blue for dominance at Logan! All this bodes very well for Logan and Boston metro...
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    355 Bennington Street | East Boston

    Shmessy, thanks for sharing the video! It's so worth the 30 or so minutes to watch. I've never heard of the Trustees until today. I applaud their work and will lend my support to their efforts. I have included their website here...
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    The New Retail Thread

    Oh hell no! Please not that!!
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    Logan Airport Flights and Airlines Discussion A real nice follow-up to adamd8297's and mass88's "The point's guy" articles. Delta, you are badass with your ramping up your flights at Logan.
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    Seaport Neighborhood - Infill and Discussion

    A short but very sweet article (1994 Washington Post) about the Moakley Courthouse and how it came about. Amazing how the politics at the time worked. Boston was lucky to have such major power brokers in Washington (especially Tip O’Neil who wasn’t even mentioned in the article)...
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    Seaport Neighborhood - Infill and Discussion

    It was the construction and completion of the Big Dig, the Ted Tunnel, the Boston Harbor clean-up, and the Silver Line, all of which cost billions in tax dollars, that opened up the Seaport to new investments and to what we have today. Of course, the Moakley Courthouse, along with the...
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    The St Regis Residences (former Whiskey Priest site) | 150 Seaport Blvd | Seaport

    The dragon sure has a front row seat to the St. Regis construction.
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    Brookline Infill and Small Developments

    I'm just so damn glad that those freakin power poles around the new school addition are coming down!! Good move by Brookline.
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    MIT New 450-bed Residence Hall | 121 Vassar St. | Cambridge

    Back in August, BeeLine posted this pic of one of the awnings (love the awnings). Is there any meaning to the cutouts, this is MIT after all. There has to be some meaning or pattern here other than my seeing rabbits, ducks, and seahorses! lol