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    Regional Rail (RUR) & North-South Rail Link (NSRL)

    Of course you are correct about the overall dynamics....but this Southsider would love RUR service to my job in Melrose!!!
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    MBTA Bus & BRT

    Thanks for the update. I'm also quite excited by this. The total number of passenger-hours saved per day in the PM rush is going to be enormous. A couple of minor questions: 1) There are four stops between Firth/South and Tollgate Way. Getting that down to two seems unrealistic...
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    Green Line Extension to Medford & Union Sq

    Wait, why is the new Broadway Bridge getting two traffic lanes in each direction? Broadway is not a two-lane street in that section.
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    Green Line Extension to Medford & Union Sq

    How feasible would a robust road diet be here? I'd like to think it's workable in a post-GLX world.
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    Reasonable Transit Pitches

    I apologize if there's discussion of this buried somewhere in the thread, but given the size and scope of the Forest Hills hub, shouldn't there be some sort of direct bus connection to Kenmore or at least somewhere in the vicinity of the BU Bridge? If you want to access most of the Green Line...
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    Green Line Reconfiguration

    Revisiting this post from my old bookmarks - do you happen to have the GLX/UR configuration dead-link maps somewhere else?
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    Boston worst traffic in the country.

    I don't know much about MD state politics, but in MA the identity or party of the governor matters much less than what Bob DeLeo wants, and being a transportation visionary is not a mantle he's seeking to claim. Perhaps you could say that the 2018 legislative elections contained a few warning...
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    New Red and Orange Line Cars

    No Orange Line trains have been seen since the yard derailment. I understand that they'd want to monitor and inspect the derailed train, but what about the other one? If the problem was truly the switch, then that shouldn't stop the second train from remaining in service, no?
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    Regional Rail (RUR) & North-South Rail Link (NSRL)

    This is extremely not a place I expected to see a gif of Jackson Yueill.
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    Logan Airport Capital Projects

    I don't fly all that often, but I've noticed something with the SL drop-off. The buses sit in each terminal for several minutes before departing. It wasn't typical dwell time problems with boarding/alighting, the bus was relatively empty and just sitting there. I suppose it was trying to...
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    Biking in Boston

    One very easy quick fix for the Ruggles-to-Fenway link would be to stripe a contraflow lane for a short stretch of Leon St. Over the summer I found myself salmoning up Leon for 50 ft, cutting across Centennial Common, then riding up Forsyth St to the Fenway path system via what appears on...
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    General MBTA Topics (Multi Modal, Budget, MassDOT)

    Since the recent weekend Orange Line closures between Ruggles and Forest Hills, it seems as though most if not all of the slow orders on the south side of the line have been cleared up. The approach to/from FH is noticeably faster and some crawling through the Ruggles area has gone away. Still...
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    New Red and Orange Line Cars

    How many hours of service does a normal Orange Line train car log per day? As things progress, how many hours per day should we expect a new Orange Line train to run?
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    New Red and Orange Line Cars

    Tomorrow, apparently!
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    Regional Rail (RUR) & North-South Rail Link (NSRL)

    TransitMatters has put out a detailed document advocating for next steps for Regional Rail.