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    Portland Square Redevelopment | Portland

    Right. This would be an entirely separate project. I think it's a good idea to discuss it here until plans are announced. Does anyone know anything about the status of the Portland Square project? If I'm not mistaken the phase 1office building and garage have planning approval, but I assumed...
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    Portland Square Redevelopment | Portland

    This might be what you're referring to? Not sure how serious of a proposal this was, but it's a great study in modern development with traditional land use patterns.
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    Portland Square Redevelopment | Portland

    This building is almost 200 years old. Just because it doesn't technically have any historic protections doesn't mean it should be torn down just because MEMIC can't be creative in developing a site plan that incorporates the building into whatever they have planned. Historic structures need not...
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    Infill and Small Developments | Portland

    Core rising for 104 Grant St.
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    Time & Temp Building | Parking Garage Redevelopment | Portland

    Honestly, this seems like kind of a dirty way to essentially force the city to grant the TIF if they want the rental housing that the committee repeatedly said they want for that site. Very interesting that Redfern is able to build the same number of rental units just two blocks away with no TIF...
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    Rock Row (née The Ridge, née Dirigo Plaza) | Westbrook, ME

    From the Mainebiz article: It's a pretty stunning looking building, I can see why it would be attractive. Also of interest: Sounds like the NECS campus will be breaking ground soon if the intent is to open by 2023.
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    Infill and Small Developments | Portland

    Avesta's new 40 unit project in Nason's Corner is now complete with residents moving in. This went up quick, and it's a nice addition to a predominantly flat suburban area.
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    385 Congress St (Press Herald site) | Portland

    Disappointing but not surprising. I do think the Original master plan wouldn’t have survived the planning process Without modification and downscaling . I could easily see the planning board and historic preservation board raising concerns about “overshadowing “ city hall.
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    Hobson's Landing | Aloft Hotel | 383 Commercial Street | Portland

    The site plan for the final phase of the buildout was approved unanimously at last night's (5/25) planning board meeting. Construction set to begin in the fall.
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    200 Federal Street | Residential Tower | Portland

    Unanimous support from the Planning Board! For a project of this size, it really feels like it's cruised through the rezoning, historic preservation and planning process. A good example of how the planning process can and should work. It's also a testament to the diligence and dedication of...
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    Westbrook, ME

    Not sure if this has been shared, but here's a more "polished" rendering of the Vertical Harvest Buildout
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    Maine Law is moving ahead with plans to temporarily relocate to 300 Fore Street...sharing the building with CIEE. I think this is a great move, even if it's temporary. It's great to see downtown attracting more academic space. In the meantime, the current Maine Law building, which is in poor...
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    Infill and Small Developments | Portland

    Some renderings of 91 Winter Street - 52 Senior Apartments
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    Rock Row (née The Ridge, née Dirigo Plaza) | Westbrook, ME

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Cinemark has been scrapped. Movie theaters were on the way out even before Covid. It seems like overall there pivoting more towards an “innovation district” concept. maybe they're trying to capture some overflow from Boston's tech and bioscience economy. I’m seeing...
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    Portland Foreside | 58 Fore Street | Portland

    Pretty much all of the marina as it is now is intended to be "temporary" whether temporary means 2 years or 20 years remains to be seen. I know that the developers have gotten A LOT of flack from the neighborhood and other stakeholders about how the marina has been developed...and that criticism...