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    401 Park Drive (née Landmark Center) | Fenway

    Wouldn't be surprised if TRV reserves more space for forthcoming companies...
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    15 Necco Street | Fort Point

    Ah yes, civic space like a police or fire station, neither of which the city wants or needs there. Maybe let the experts place civic functions where they should be?
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    Northeastern University - Institutional Master Plan

    Horticultural hall is apparently sinking notably. My wife worked at the MFA and would go to the library there....
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    Downtown Crossing | Discussion

    What hampers DTX is the inability to build dense, modern buildings on many sites like One Bromfield and the Lafayette City Center. I do not see a reason why DTX should be "planned" - it's on top of the central subway node of the region and clearly attracts enormous office and restaurant demand...
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    Lobby Renovation/Addition | 175 Federal Street | Financial District

    I agree that diversity is best - but it's the market that produces that diversity in buildings - and market signals are favoring additional lobby spaces open to the public. I think that's a good step.
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    Lobby Renovation/Addition | 175 Federal Street | Financial District

    Couldn't disagree more with the idea that this reno will "make the city less interesting." - buildings that are flashy to be flashy rather than having human scaled entrances and street presences make the streetscape and urban experience _worse_. It's screaming "look at me" rather than creating...
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    BCEC expansion | Seaport

    I disagree completely nor am I relitigating past decisions. There is no need to keep "planning" uses that require subsidy and throwing more money at the convention center. Sell the land at the (high!) market price it would fetch as the area is now, as you note, hot. Allow growth like in the...
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    BCEC expansion | Seaport

    What a ridiculous idea - that a bunch of hotels in the middle of brownfield next to the convention center would be a "neighborhood." Makes Boston no different than any other convention destination, just with worse weather. The convention center industry is full of highly paid consultants who...
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    Bay Village Apartment Tower | 212 Stuart St. | Bay Village

    Building marked for demo...
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    Allston Square | 372 Cambridge St | Allston

    Only place where revisions are less parking and more housing.
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    Allston Yards (Stop and Shop) | 60 Everett St | Allston

    Even the faces don't change much....they're old and white. It's remarkable how public meetings in Dudley Sq look like ones in JP, Brighton, and Back Bay
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    Uber & Lyft as a source of congestion

    That Times article was ridiculous hysteria. The idea that any city should privilege private cars over delivery vehicles serving many is nuts. Hierarchical distribution systems are efficient - that's why we use them for electricity and all of our other utilities. Just as not everyone has their...
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    401 Park Drive (née Landmark Center) | Fenway

    There are already several biotechs in Fenway. Notably in the Optum building. The VCs are almost all on Newbury St.