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    Roslindale Infill and Small Developments

    It also doesn't matter whether you oppose or favor charters; by state law they had a right to expand and using land use to stop that is part and parcel of the road to today's reckless nimbyism where you can't do anything without the consent of dozens of nearby busibodies.
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    Rose Kennedy Greenway

    Great work north end nimbys + zoning
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    Saugus Developments

    Cheaper, may grow, lots of people drive places and like driving, lots of people want new housing. Agree it's not ideal, but there's clearly a market.
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    Roslindale Infill and Small Developments

    Need a philanthropist to buy this, make it all aff housing, use the new zoning to make it 0 parking, and rent it to charter school parents.
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    Bulfinch Triangle Infill & Small Projects

    Livingstone is such a tool
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    Bulfinch Triangle Infill & Small Projects

    Yeah, building towers there and on Causeway is key to preserving the North End
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    75 Morrissey Boulevard | Dorchester

    So housing got halved....
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    Fenway Infill and Small Developments

    What's the deal with the Harvard parcel next door? Had no clue it existed
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    40 Roland Street | Charlestown

    I think the parcels that were removed on Cambridge are in use light industrial space. One is an old printing shop that may now be makerspace. One wonders if they're already renting it and waiting to build on it til later.
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    The Smith | 660 Harrison Avenue | South End

    They had already built the foundations when they built the first half.
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    Bulfinch Crossing | Congress Street Garage | West End

    Exactly. Contracts are contracts. Gov't often fails b/c we don't let it use business best practices when it is in business, be it RE dev or running a transit system.
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    The New Office/Lab Thread

    Chelsea could be building 5+1's the same way Everett does or even larger buildings next to it's clearly better transit (SL3 / Commuter Rail).
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    The New Office/Lab Thread

    Would be amazing if Chelsea gave variances to housing this dense that they desperately need.
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    Rose Kennedy Greenway

    Tall trees would be huge here
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    Kenmore Square North (WHOOP) | 533-541 Commonwealth Ave | Fenway

    This whole assembly currently looks terrible (walked past it on Saturday). Much worse than the Whoop building.