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    Exchange South End ( Boston Flower Exchange) | Albany Street | South End

    Thanks for sharing! Worth noting that the connection would be from the frontage road, not from mainline I-93.
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    Logan Airport Capital Projects

    If I had to guess, they need emergency exits that don't go out to the apron. There will probably be stairs down from that door.
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    Newton Infill and Small Developments

    Another from Korff - this site had been proposed as a glassy office block before.
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    L Street Station Redevelopment (née Old Edison Plant)| 776 Summer Street | South Boston

    Phase 1 PDA: To the surprise of no one, they start with a big lab building.
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    380 2nd Street | Everett An Underground train? Seriously? That's not even commuter rail...
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    Park 151 | 151 N First Street | Cambridge Crossing | East Cambridge

    We're getting close to done with this, so maybe no point in changing the thread name, but this is being leased as "Park 151".
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    74M (EDGE Assembly Sq.) | 74 Middlesex Ave | Somerville

    In reference to this project: That is the lot in between 74M and Brickyard and would make a wall of lab towers between Middlesex Avenue and I-93.
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    Boynton Yards | 101-153 South Street | Somerville

    I did some research on this last night - apparently CS and other "ugly" fonts are easier to read for people with dyslexia. If that was the motivation, though, other options exist.
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    Boynton Yards | 101-153 South Street | Somerville

    Does the City of Somerville always print its notices in Comic Sans?
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    1270 Commonwealth Avenue (Old CVS Site) | Allston

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    Longwood Place (Simmons Residential Campus) | 305 Brookline Avenue | Longwood

    BCDC: Lots of massing.
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    Takeda/Global Arts Live | 585 Third Street | Kendall Square

    I usually hate stuff like this, but I will give you that you just designed a more attractive building (with CBT's help, granted) than a lot of tall proposals around here.
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    Cambridge Infill and Small Developments

    CHA is getting ready to renovate/expand 116 Norfolk:
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    Park 151 | 151 N First Street | Cambridge Crossing | East Cambridge

    Only at night, and it's not like we do crown lighting in this city. It's way better than the standard metal screen.
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    Somerville Infill and Small Developments

    I too feel like we're missing the overall point here, which is that this proposal is ugly and anti-urban and will be very visible once McGrath is grounded. Storage is a very good thing to build in dense urban areas. This design, however, is not.