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    Worcester Infill and Developments

    Switch out that ground floor amenity space to retail and plop this on every parking lot on Shrewsbury street.
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    NYC Architecture and Development

    You don't need to read the article, just the headline. The newest pencil tower will only have 26 apartments in it. The 6 story walk up across the street from my place has more apartments than this...
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    NYC Architecture and Development

    Since they announced this I thought the timber, while cool, is an odd choice for materiality. Everything is steel and concrete on the rest of the high line, why change it for this singular pathway. Even the new approach is steel.
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    South Station Tower | South Station Air Rights | Downtown

    The last thing Boston needs is one of the pencil towers from NYC. They are just places for rich people to park their money and do absolutly nothing for the city.
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    NYC Architecture and Development

    One of the first concrete steps towards the Second Ave. Subway phase 2 just commenced.
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    NYC Architecture and Development

    The feds say phase 2 of the second avenue subway will now cost 7.7 billion dollars. Just keeps going up.
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    Allston Yards (Stop and Shop) | 60 Everett St | Allston

    ok curved brick. I'm here for it. I think this building will really come down to what goes into the ground floor retail. With a big grocery store next door what other amenities will the building bring to this rapidly densifying neighborhood?
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    Commuter Rail to New Hampshire?

    Yas! Burrito Me! I lived in Laconia for a handful of years and ate there on it's opening day! The people that run it are fabulous and I will claim they make the best burrito in New Hampshire. Sue me.
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    Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial | Boston Common | Downtown

    And we made it onto the Daily Show: Starts at 5:00.
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    Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial | Boston Common | Downtown

    And another.....
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    Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial | Boston Common | Downtown

    It's not just reddit trolls. "Seneca Scott, a community organizer in Oakland, California, and cousin of Scott King, told CNN the statue was insulting to his family."
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    NYC Architecture and Development

    New IBX study just dropped. Light rail has become the preferred alternative. I'm happy they didn't go with the bus concept but I have 3 major worries: 1)This seems to be a completely different system not within the current subway or regional rail fair...
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    Wellington Station Air Rights Development | Medford

    While the Davis proposal is probably the least exciting it also seems to be the most reasonable. Gives the MBTA what it wants, doesn't try any engineering tricks, and squeezes in what appears to be three easily constructed buildings for more housing which everywhere needs.
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    Green Line Extension to Medford & Union Sq

    If we still did the archboston awards I'd be nominating this picture. Love it!