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    I like this suggestion, and would add that the main thread is also needing an adjustment: Shouldn’t it read “Greater Portland / Maine” rather than “Portland / Greater Maine”?
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    200 Federal Street | Residential Tower | Portland

    :-) None of your assumptions about the intention of my comment align with my perspective – however, like you say, I'm glad not everybody thinks like me, and I appreciate your enthusiasm.
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    200 Federal Street | Residential Tower | Portland

    I definitely don’t think Portland needs to have a “height complex” about itself: the Portland Head Lighthouse and the Portland Observatory are the iconic architectural jewels that are internationally recognized and no other city could match. Quality over quantity (of floors) every time —...
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    200 Federal Street | Residential Tower | Portland

    Thank you for clarifying — I think the designs on this site for 170 Fore Street are a great example of creativity and variety incorporated in a way that feels appropriate for residential. Based on the finished product of the Hiawatha, I think Redfern are a great developer for this site — it will...
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    200 Federal Street | Residential Tower | Portland

    Does not look like Redfern is progressing the design or composition of the facade, but if the base treatment were just continued to the fifth or sixth floor it would make a big difference in scaling with typical Downtown/Exchange Street Street walls, and help the middle portion to feel less...
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    Portland, ME - New Construction Continued

    Any updated renderings you could share please?
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    170 Fore Street | Portland

    I really appreciate what Archetype has planned here for 170 Fore Street – this could be the best-looking building of the block. One of the best aspects of the immediate area is the buildings are following form-based code, which set up a unified, human scaled streetscape — and the design here...
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    83 Middle St | CHOM Affordable Housing | Portland

    I think this proposed design needs a more cohesive facade along Franklin Street — more like the original sketch. The revised design looks like it’s trying to hide In plain sight by wearing three different “masks.” The building at the corner of Forest and Cumberland only proved that boxy design...
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    52 Hanover St | Apartments | Portland

    Perhaps this type of development — its uses and building form — could be “as-of-right” development in Bayside to encourage much-needed housing and help transform the district to high-quality livability sooner than later.
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    200 Federal Street | Residential Tower | Portland

    Given that Redfern and Senatore produced such a great-looking apartment building at Longfellow Square, I'm sure the design for this tower at Temple Street will get refined and greatly improved — it currently reads as a generic office block so it's hopefully just a rough sketch, for scale.