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    Hall of Fame Nominees

    Boston City Hall
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    NYC Architecture and Development Not surprisingly I liked what was there before better.
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    Design a Better Franklin Park

    Overly harsh indeed. Perhaps I shouldn’t have said that.
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    The Hub on Causeway (née TD Garden Towers) | 80 Causeway Street | West End

    It cheapens the building? This building couldn’t be any worse in my opinion. It cheapens the whole skyline and thus how some, perhaps many, people view Boston as a city. There should be a stipulation that such signage be reserved for companies headquartered locally.
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    Design a Better Franklin Park

    In 2015 34,000 rounds, 79% city residents. To put that in context, Bethpage Black, which people literally camp out in the parking lot to play, averages 45,000 rounds per year...
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    Design a Better Franklin Park

    What Bananarama said for the most part. Brooklyn has a population of 2.5 million with the neighborhoods abutting or within walking distance of the park probably accounting for close to a million compared to about 125k between all of Dorchester and JP.
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    Design a Better Franklin Park

    No idea. I'm not sure what the basis for your grievance is but the golf course probably attracts far more people to Franklin Park than it repels and as recreational amenities, municipal golf courses exist in virtually every major American city. As you’ve probably figured out by now I don’t...
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    Design a Better Franklin Park

    It’s a public golf course. The city also just sunk a bunch of money into both of its public courses to bring them up to the standard necessary to host the 2018 state amateur, an event normally hosted at top private clubs like The Country Club, Kittansett, Myopia and Charles River.
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    🔷 Open Thread

    No. A lot of units there never sold and were eventually rented out and apparently they’re taking another stab at trying to sell them. Out of 157 units they’ve only sold 87 since closings began in December 2017.
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    Four Seasons Tower @ CSC | 1 Dalton Street | Back Bay

    I meant to add this earlier but there apparently will be a street level lobby bar. I’m not sure if it was part of the original plan or if it came about because of complaints over Zuma being the only place for hotel guests to get a drink.
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    Four Seasons Tower @ CSC | 1 Dalton Street | Back Bay

    I don’t know what the restrictions dictate but even then there isn’t a lot of flexibility when you consider the requirements of the space - two distinct lobby areas along with some back of house space, the loading dock and the ramp to the garage. The design could have been less fortress-like...
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    Harvard SEC (Science & Engineering Complex) | Western Ave | Allston

    Interiors are irrelevant here as 99% of us will never walk in the front door but we’ll all have to see the exterior at some point or another and frankly this is one of those buildings I’d rather not have to see.
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    Hall of Shame Nominees

    Still is. I was curious myself and looked it up in the Registry of Deeds’ database.
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    Worst Completed Development Nominations

    Not complete. Other than demo it hasn’t even started.