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    Greenway Residential Building | 55 India Street | Downtown

    Demand. The developer’s risk tolerance. 22/36. In three years.
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    Hotel Buckminster Renovation | Brookline Ave & Beacon St | Kenmore Square (Fenway)

    Looks like the rooms and restaurant spaces are each taxed as individual commercial units.
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    Conley Terminal cranes arriving

    The first larger/newer generation ship(the Ever Fortune) is on the schedule for 1/12. Also marks the return of Evergreen after a twoish month hiatus. Some info and pics of the ship itself...
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    I’ve made it abundantly clear what I’m for - quality urbanism and an engaging street level...

    I’ve made it abundantly clear what I’m for - quality urbanism and an engaging street level experience. Go ahead and shit on that.
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    How Tall Are Boston's Buildings and Should They Be Taller?

    Deep down, I think they know. The difference though is that your vision for Boston is not the vision shared by most Bostonians. You’re basically here trying to convince us we should all be Yankees fans.
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    How Tall Are Boston's Buildings and Should They Be Taller?

    I think most of us know well enough to not emotionally invest in things that are totally out of our control and have no bearing on our own lives.
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    Logan Airport Flights and Airlines Discussion

    At the expense of BA’s fourth daily frequency. It’s not the win you think it is. The previous BA/AA S22 schedule was perfection with the morning flight and four flights departing almost hourly in the evening and now we have the morning flight, AA and BA departing simultaneously at 7:15 and BA...
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    Encore Boston Harbor Casino | 1 Broadway | Everett

    Ye olde English proverb … “Beggars can’t be choosers.” This is a lateral move at best, trading one wasteland full of negative externalities for another.
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    Random Real Estate Pics

    The one at FP3(346 Congress) is priced at $1017/psf so that would be spot on in my book. Only downside is that it’s a third floor unit and doesn’t seem to have a lot of natural light. The Columbus Ave unit comes in in the mid $1400s - better location but an awful layout - probably overpriced...
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    The New Retail Thread

    On the other hand, a bank wouldn’t be tying up one of our precious liquor licenses.
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    Platform screen doors.

    They’re running a special for new subscribers … one dollar for six months.
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    11-21 Bromfield Street | DTX | Downtown

    In my case, the Suffolk County Registry of Deeds.
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    11-21 Bromfield Street | DTX | Downtown

    Sudbury’s up to a whooping seven units in five months. Big numbers though, not far off One Dalton.
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    Pearl Clutching near Section 8 homes.

    Perhaps not in retrospect but I was genuinely flabbergasted with what I was reading and kind of shooting from the hip.
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    11-21 Bromfield Street | DTX | Downtown

    Not sure if you’re being facetious but 45 Province is largely owner occupied actually. I’ve heard around 60%. It’s not a particularly remarkable building - it doesn’t offer much in the way of amenities and the units are mostly small and/or awkward. Other than MT which had a large contingent...