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    BCEC expansion | Seaport

    I don't know if "Menino Convention Center" is a joke or not, but I don't mind it at all. Better than BCEC, for sure. He does deserve a memorial. My opinion is that he was a somewhat strange, rather provincial, and all-too-slow-moving mayor who nonetheless took his job very seriously and moved...
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    Brookline Place | Boston Children's Hospital | Brookline

    Remember when a maternity/baby store with a cult-like following called Isis used to be here? Remember when it suddenly closed down and weeks later a shadowy militant group called Isis suddenly took over huge swaths of Iraq and Syria? I always thought that was suspicious. Anyway. Carry on.
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    Fantasy T maps

    Almost certainly you'd need to tunnel under Broadway / Rt 99. That seems unavoidable.
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    Educate everyone on a good website...

    Super cool. The densest km^2 in Boston wouldn't even make the top 200 in NYC. Beyond Manhattan, random swaths of Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx exceed Boston's highest density levels by a significant margin. Not surprising, maybe, but a very stark reality. Boston highest density exceeds that of...
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    Seaport Transportation

    Every year or so I find an excuse to repost this: Short of GLX Seaport, nothing better solves the connectivity problem for the seaport, and it doesn't even deign to use the transitway tunnel. Just real goddamned BRT. So the question is, could BTD implement this by itself?
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    My Tokyo Neighborhood: Nishikata

    I find this aspect of Japanese real estate so interesting. It seems so wasteful on its face. Will young couples, for example, move into a "used" house to save money when they're getting started? Edit - other random question - what kind of tree is that in ?
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    The Vinyl | 449 Cambridge Street | Allston

    You think a building called "The Vinyl" would use cheap materials? :cautious:
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    State Capital: Government Center vs Distributed Offices

    I think that concentrating state offices in a single location - whether that's Boston or Worcester - is an outdated idea. My (totally presumptuous) guess is that many state offices work on an increasingly obsolete 9-5-show-up-at-your-desk model. How many jobs could be easily moved into a...
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    Fantasy T maps

    Clever, thanks for this!
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    Hurley Building Redevelopment | 19 Staniford St | West End

    I'd also like to play devil's advocate about the Brooke Courthouse. The courthouse is boring to walk next to - no doubt about that - but it employs enough recognizable common tropes of urban form (varied masonry at ground level, sight-lines to a grand entrance) that make it much more...
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    Hurley Building Redevelopment | 19 Staniford St | West End

    FK, you're being a good advocate for this building, which I appreciate. But the honest truth - and I don't believe this is very subjective - is that nobody looks at that photo and thinks "hmmm... that's a potentially friendly building there, but a bad unfriendly streetscape."
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    Harvard Square Infill and Small Developments

    Just gave myself a streetview tour - I'm not very familiar with the North Shore other than touristy Salem. Cool street.
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    Paul Rudolph's Government Services Center

    That plaza... wow. If you thought the Government Center Garage was bad, now consider being surrounded by it on three sides.
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    Hurley Building Redevelopment | 19 Staniford St | West End

    I try to be fair to these buildings. I know they're architecturally significant. So, really, I'm sorry to have to say this: a powerwash and new glass would in fact be great... IF this were on a college campus somewhere, or out in suburbia where street level activity is a lower priority. But in...