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    Coronavirus and its Impacts on Urbanism

    I'm just astounded (not at all in a negative or bad way) that this forum continues as usual. Like, discussing new retail and restaurant openings, development proposals, etc. I'm usually the first to play skeptic about Very Big Changes Afoot, but truly my world has completely changed. Is it...
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    Massachusetts State Flag (we need a better state flag)

    Oookay... I get branding, but all these efforts look like an exercise not in branding but in archaic symbology. Anyway, I'll shut up and let all you vexillologists get back to it
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    Massachusetts State Flag (we need a better state flag)

    Why should I/we care about sub-national flags? This seems highly esoteric, and about as worthy of discussion as State Insect. I expect that flags meant a whole lot more in the early nineteenth century when state power was a good deal more abstract and governance relied more heavily on a shared...
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    Wellesley Office Park Master Plan | William Street | Wellesley

    Oof. If any slice of land should be single family McMansions, this should be it. I can honestly think of no way to support density on Williams Street without a major reconfiguration of Route 9.
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    Downtown Crossing | Discussion

    Car-free yes, apparently, but it has a tram. It still functions as a surface transportation corridor. Above I wrote "A street without traffic feels desolate, detached from the city." The tram solves that problem. I know what you'll (rightly) respond: DTX has multiple subways below, so isn't...
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    Downtown Crossing | Discussion

    I understand the sentiment, and truly I can see both sides of this. But here's where I'm coming from: Washington Street is a street. Not a charming little alley with restaurants and shops like you'd find in Rome or - try this link - Seville. Notice how the scale here creates a vibrancy that...
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    Mmmm... Pizza (Discuss Your Favorite Slice)

    Is that Sabatinos the same as the one in Waltham? I was there 10 years ago a few times. It's a dump but blew me away. I couldn't believe it was as good and authentic as it was. In the burbs, I find Anthony's Coal Fired to be very good. It's a Florida-based chain. Not NYC-style exactly, but...
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    Downtown Crossing | Discussion

    I know @Bancars will strike me down for this, but I think you'd get a major uplift for DTX simply by opening up Washington Street to slow-speed vehicles. I'm not sure exactly why, but the picture above drives that home to me.
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    🔹 What's Happening With Project X?

    Did I dream this or was there a proposal to redevelop the Holiday Inn landscraper in Coolidge Corner? I ask because I just noticed it was rebranded "The Inn at Brookline" - seems it's no longer owned/run as a Holiday Inn.
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    BCEC expansion | Seaport

    I don't know if "Menino Convention Center" is a joke or not, but I don't mind it at all. Better than BCEC, for sure. He does deserve a memorial. My opinion is that he was a somewhat strange, rather provincial, and all-too-slow-moving mayor who nonetheless took his job very seriously and moved...
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    Brookline Place | Boston Children's Hospital | Brookline

    Remember when a maternity/baby store with a cult-like following called Isis used to be here? Remember when it suddenly closed down and weeks later a shadowy militant group called Isis suddenly took over huge swaths of Iraq and Syria? I always thought that was suspicious. Anyway. Carry on.
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    Fantasy T maps

    Almost certainly you'd need to tunnel under Broadway / Rt 99. That seems unavoidable.
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    Educate everyone on a good website...

    Super cool. The densest km^2 in Boston wouldn't even make the top 200 in NYC. Beyond Manhattan, random swaths of Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx exceed Boston's highest density levels by a significant margin. Not surprising, maybe, but a very stark reality. Boston highest density exceeds that of...
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    Seaport Transportation

    Every year or so I find an excuse to repost this: Short of GLX Seaport, nothing better solves the connectivity problem for the seaport, and it doesn't even deign to use the transitway tunnel. Just real goddamned BRT. So the question is, could BTD implement this by itself?