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    Fenway Infill and Small Developments

    It bothers me that the cycle tracks and related infrastructure are in the "Landscape Design" section not "Transportation".
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    Biking in Boston

    That mostly means it's further along in the process than the newly announced areas. They've been working on them for 1-2 years already. I'd expect installation early next year while the others haven't really started outreach and design yet.
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    409 Huntington Ave | The Fenway

    I want to ask them to restore the cornice on this building that was likely removed because they were too cheap to maintain it over the years. Would it improve it though? Image source: Huntington Ave. facade, M.F.A. - Digital Commonwealth
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    Porter Square Infill and Small Developments

    The Cambridge Day article also mentions a lab building proposed for the Walgreens at 1740 Massachusetts Ave. That's the first I've heard about that proposal. Google search coming up empty.
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    Saugus Developments

    People in Saugus complain about Route 1 traffic literally all the time, but then only permit development that is sure to make it worse. Like there is no alternative to driving at these locations. Not to work, eat, go out, etc. I guess they could walk to Fuddruckers...
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    Bulfinch Triangle Infill & Small Projects

    It sounds more like he's meddling in the preliminary outreach phase. Imagine I say to a colleague "what's the max height we can build here, 700ft?" and then someone immediately tells the neighbors as a heads up? Everything we've heard so far is so painfully alarmist when there's literally no...
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    Bulfinch Triangle Infill & Small Projects

    Isn't every announcement a "surprise" to someone though? This doesn't appear to have been formally proposed to the City yet and it seems like they're in the preliminary outreach phase to see what can work. Honestly, they're doing it right, even if their proposal is dead on arrival for being...
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    Fenway Infill and Small Developments

    And 7 stories too. Looking forward to seeing what the renderings look like.
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    The Mason | 85-87 & 111 Boston Street | Everett

    Sounds like this might be starting up?
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    Malden + Melrose Infill and Small Developments

    453-463 Franklin St (at Melrose Highlands train station) approved last night. 21 units / 13 car parking / 30 bike parking. An abutting proposal (shown as massing on the left) was deferred to the next meeting. 453-463 Franklin Street Site Plan Review & Special Permit Application | Melrose MA...
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    Somerville Infill and Small Developments

    I recently had to move and don't own a car. The bluebike station across the street made this location a no-brainer to rent the moving truck. For those who don't bike, they can soon take the train there. The city is building smaller units everywhere. Older people are downsizing. They end up with...
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    Mission Hill Infill and Small Developments
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    The Chandlery | 270 Dorchester Ave | South Boston

    Update: 2022-05-03_Notice of Project Change (NPC)_270 Dorchester Avenue.pdf | Powered by Box
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    BFIT Redevelopment | 41 Berkeley Street | South End

    Public meeting tonight on this. Earlier this month they showed an updated (shorter) version. Adds sidewalk level separated bike lanes on one side though! 2022-04-12_Presentation_41 Berkeley Street.pdf | Powered by Box
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    Cambridge Infill and Small Developments

    Consisting of three 3-bed 2-bath units. This would have been a good one to convert to a quad-decker considering it's location and the amount of work they're already doing to it.