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    Fenway Center (One Kenmore) | Turnpike Parcel 7, Beacon Street | Fenway

    The cladding on the bigger building sure is taking its time
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    🔹 What's Happening With Project X?

    I always wondered who ran this site, at least the boston version. It seems like it'd be someone who would be on here or at least lurk. Also, I dont understand who would pay for that site, seems silly
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    Flower Exchange Redevelopment | South End

    I saw movement on this yesterday! Looks like they have started demo on the backside that I could see from Frontage road. Some heavy equipment was on site and part of the facade missing
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    Raffles Boston (40 Trinity Place) | 426 Stuart Street | Back Bay

    Wish they didnt have to tear this down but I'm excited to see some new projects underway, I'm bored of the seaport development at this point
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    Parcel P-12 | 286-290 Tremont St | Chinatown

    Is this ever going to get built? I have doubts
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    115 Necco | Fort Point

    If you squint a little
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    Hurley Building Redevelopment | 19 Staniford St | West End

    Could we save a few pieces of it? Like Giant works of art? The frogface, a staircase, one corner or something
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    Uber & Lyft as a source of congestion

    This morning at Logan an Uber was 50 bucks, I opted for the free silver line and made it to Andrew pretty quickly. If I werent trying to get to work as quickly as possible I wouldnt even bother with Uber. In the end, the T was efficient and even possibly quicker
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    660 Harrison Avenue | Harrison Albany Block | South End

    Its tucked away a little in the south end, not a ton of people are going to see this outside of the neighborhood. Its fine
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    The Vinyl | 449 Cambridge Street | Allston

    ^accurate representation of the future?
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    Roxbury Infill and Small Developments

    I think I heard something about them being slave owners. I get to vote on this and honestly I'm going to just stay out of it. I feel like it's whoever's neighborhood that is to decide that fate, not quite sure why the whole city is deciding.
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    The Vinyl | 449 Cambridge Street | Allston

    Just my opinion, but these are full of the same tired design tropes we've seen for the last 10 years. There's nothing creative about them at all and adding some wild colors doesn't fool me a bit, in fact it may make it worse.
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    Marriott Moxy Hotel | 240 Tremont Street (Parcel P-7A) | Theater District

    Care to explain a little? Are you a neighbor? Why is sunlight so important to you?
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    South Station Tower | South Station | Downtown

    You gotta stop comparing everything to NYC. Its really obnoxious and I'm very tired of it. Everything you mention somehow relates back to NY. STOP. If I wanted to hear about NY and it's development (which I do sometimes) I go to NY specific forums.
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    75 Morrissey Boulevard | Dorchester

    Same tired tune