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    Boston Skyline Photos

    Getting into the 4th of July spirit a little early. Views from Bunker Hill Memorial and the Navy Yard.
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    New Haven

    I was curious about what upcoming development might occur in New Haven and am sharing a few proposals I found while searching. It’s worth noting many projects appear to have been completed in the last couple years. Olive Street Apartments This 14 story building would feature 136 apartments and...
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    Portland International Jetport | PWM

    Not as great as the Sky Harbor but don’t forget ABQ- the Albuquerque International Sunport.
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    45 Forest Ave-Redfern

    Make it a beacon, something reflective and bright. Dayglow!
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    204-210 Valley Street | Avesta Housing | Portland

    A couple of construction pictures I took while walking in the area today.
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    195 Providence Innovation & Design District

    A couple photos I took yesterday of construction occurring on parcel 6.
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    New Haven

    I biked the round trip between New Haven and Lazy Lane in Southington which is roughly 46 miles. The trail was paved, wide, mostly flat, and well maintained. Intersections were marked and felt safe to cross. There were multiple restaurants, a few cafes, and a couple breweries along the trail. I...
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    New Haven

    Visiting New Haven over the long weekend mostly to bike the Farmington Canal Trail. I’ve not previously spent much time here and am struck by the grandeur of Yale’s campus, the age of the buildings, the youthfulness of the people downtown, and the numerous pedestrian corridors. Photos are from a...
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    52 Hanover St | Apartments | Portland

    Going up fast! I’m looking forward to continuing to monitor progress on this from the patio at Banded Brewing.
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    Maine - General Photo Thread

    Spotted one of the new electric buses Metro will be putting into service shortly. Pretty sharp looking and I understand them to offer a much quieter ride which will be welcome.
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    Mercy Hospital | 144 State Street | Portland

    Maine Memory Network’s Mercy Hospital entry has a few pics that may interest you. Here’s a link to pictures of nurses at Mercy- The following is a link to the Mercy...
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    Waltham Infill and Small Developments

    Did a round trip bike ride along the Charles from Waltham to Cambridge last weekend. Sections of Moody St. were opened to pedestrians, much to the joy of little kids on scooters. Below are a few pictures I took while walking around in the evening.
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    Brunswick Development

    212 Maine Another really cool proposal to add 2 floors of residential space above an existing downtown building at Maine St. and Station Ave (see posts 1 and 16 in this thread for details on the now complete vertical addition to the Tontine Mall). The project would create 16 residential units...
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    Brunswick Development

    It pains me to introduce you to Liberty Commons Apartments which will provide 144 units across 9 buildings on 11.08 acres and even comes with a stupid gazebo that’ll mostly sit empty and 289 parking spots. It’s especially disappointing because this area is zoned for mixed use development, which...