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    Bangor, Maine

    I never thought that they would actually build a permanent facility but the newly named Maine Savings Amphitheater will be opening in less than 2 months with a 16,000 person capacity including 6,500 permanent seats courtesy of Hussey Seating, over 200 permanent bathroom stalls, concessions and...
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    Scarborough, ME

    Not sure if we have a Scarborough specific thread but pretty big news on the retail development front at The Downs.
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    Alfond Foundation $500 Million gift to multiple Maine entities

    A very timely and much needed infusion to the University of Maine system, University of New England, Colby College, Thomas College, the Roux Institute, Jackson Labs (Cancer Research) and the City of Waterville...
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    Portland Population Growth(?)

    For as long as I can remember, Portland has been in the 60K range (give or take). With all of the recent construction of residential units as well as the well-documented immigration to the city's population finally growing? Not sure there are any hard numbers out there...