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  1. M. Brown

    Official 2012 city population estimates released.

    Manchester finally cracks 110k at 110,209. Portland is also up at 66,214. Boston is at 636,479.
  2. M. Brown

    75mph Speed Limit for northern Maine. How do you guys feel about that? I think the NH and VT should do the same for the northern parts.
  3. M. Brown

    New England Growth.

    Fantastic growth all around. 2010 Census numbers Manchester, NH 109,565 Portland, ME 66,194 Burlington, VT 42,417 Boston, MA 617,594 Worcester, MA 181,045 Providence, RI 178,042 Bridgeport, CT 144,229 Stamford, CT 122,643 Hartford, CT 124,775
  4. M. Brown

    Hooksett Project ($500,000,000)

    Behold. Hooksett is a town just north of Manchester for those of you who don't know. link
  5. M. Brown

    The 603

    Great shots of Manchester. Granite State of Mind
  6. M. Brown


    Boston has again won a census challenge raising its population to 620,535. Pretty impressive. But I am curious from reading the article if Boston is trying to include people outside of the Boston city limits in these census challenges. Are they trying to include unincorporated areas of...
  7. M. Brown

    Xenophobia in Manchester.

    Is anyone else disturbed by some of the reader comments of this article?
  8. M. Brown


    I was on wikipedia and it said that Boston has an 2008 estimate of 616,535. Where is the source?
  9. M. Brown

    New Portland Aerial

    This is a new aerial on Portland's Wikipedia page. Includes the new Intermed building too.
  10. M. Brown

    Some Portland Envy

  11. M. Brown

    Manchester and Portland are losing population while Boston gains.

    According to the new Census estimates. What do you guys think of it.
  12. M. Brown

    Manchester's new Official website

    Not a bad looking site. And if you haven't already gotten it, download Firefox 3! Edit: After trying to using the site a little bit more I have realized this is one of the worst websites every. I looks like a two year old put it together.
  13. M. Brown

    Manchester's Downtown is Expanded

    Aldermen expand business district By SCOTT BROOKS New Hampshire Union Leader Staff MANCHESTER ? The business district covering much of downtown Manchester and the Millyard was expanded last night to include several blocks south of the Verizon Wireless Arena, a move that will most likely...
  14. M. Brown

    Manchester: 13th best place to live and launch

    Something else to brag about I guess. I wonder where they got the 113,417 population estimate from?
  15. M. Brown

    NH could see 70 mph limit

    Bill Would Raise Speed Limit To 70 MPH CONCORD, N.H. -- The state could raise its highway speed limit to 70 mph under a proposal from a Nashua legislator. A committee is investigating whether to raise the speed limit from 65 mph. Rep. David Smith, D-Nashua, said that the increase wouldn't make...
  16. M. Brown

    New Manchseter Website

    New Manchester Website I should mention this is not the official manch site. Edit: According to this site it says the US Census Bureau expects Manch population to be 112,400 by 2009. I wish I could find where they say future population estimates on the...
  17. M. Brown

    Post a pic of your desk.

    Updated pics of my desk with my new case.
  18. M. Brown


    I cannot wait for this season!
  19. M. Brown

    New Portland Pics (7/29/07)

    Yeah. So I went up again with a couple of my friends and I actually got out and took pics this time. Its a nice place to walk around. The cruise ship was HUGE! I had never seen one in person before. There were lots of people fishing at the pier we were at. The worst part of the day was...