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    Laconia, NH

    I find myself in the Laconia area pretty often for work so thought I would start a thread for it. I was up there about a week ago to check out the newly renovated Colonial Theater. Built in 1914 it was apparently billed as "The most beautiful theater north of Boston" at the time. The magnificent...
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    Board Decorum

    The decorum on this board seems to be moving down hill fast. Just over the past year or so I have seen threads having to be locked because of ridiculous arguments, people making outrageous claims about the negative effects of single buildings on the whole city, and now even personal attacks on...
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    What is this building in NYC?

    Ok, I have been racking my brain and googling like a madman to try to figure out what this building on a card I am thinking about getting is. The building I am at a loss for is the arched building directly above "Battery Park City" and directly below the Washington Square arch. Anyone know what...
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    2013 awards?

    Ok, i don't want to be "that guy" but I'm going to do it anyway. any idea when the award nominations will open for this year? Also, I would like to propose 2 new categories: Best new development in Greater New England Worst new development in Greater New England
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    old train crashes etc.

    The Boston Public Library posted on their flickr stream on the 20th a whole bunch of old pictures of train and trolley crashes. I feel some of you may real like the pics, and some more may be able to fill in some information they are missing on some of the pictures...
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    Public Art

    just discovered that a new statue of Edgar Allan Poe is going up between the Common and the garden at the intersection of Boylston Street and Charles Street. Since there was no thread for sculpture and art, I started one. link to the website for the sculpture:
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    Moving to Pittsburgh, PA

    I'm moving to Pittsburgh for grad school in the fall and i was just wondering of anyone here knows of a similiar site to ArchBoston, but for the Pittsburgh Area. Just so this isn't a one note thread, here are a few projects i have discovered have recently been completed, are under construction...
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    DOT studys light rail to Dudley

    I couldn't find another thread to wrap this into so I started a new one (feel free to move if appropriate) Apparently the Rochester, Dorchester, Mattapan transit study has just about come to an end and they have modeled 5 alternatives. The alternatives are: 1) area-wide key routes approach to...
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    St. James Church | Porter Square | Cambridge

    I was stuck on the red-line shuttle bus this weekend at the corner of Mass ave and Beech st. and noticed some construction and a mock up of a wall out side St. James Episcopal Church. I did a little digging and found the following PDF's. This one has some basic info...
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    Most beautiful rooms

    So i found myself in NYC yesterday and went to the Morgan Library. I was stunned by the actual Library room and considered it one of the most beautiful rooms I have ever been in. That made me think.... what are the other most beautiful rooms I have been in. I quickly came up with this short...
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    Commuter Rail to New Hampshire?

    I couldn't find a thread for this topic, but heard some intresting news from Plaistow. If there is somewher eelse this is more appropriate please move.
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    I'd play this game.

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    Boston Street Layouts

    I was watching "How the States got Their Shapes" and there was a very interesting part about how the roads got laid out in Boston originally. Very interesting stuff. starts at...
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    93 Bridges

    From map they talk about...
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    MBTA Art

    I just found thispage on the MBTA's website... i have never seen it before It contains PDFs containing every artwork the MBTA owns or is on loan to the MBTA and what station it is at. I do not really agree with counting "Historic panels created by...
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    Port of Boston

    (I couldn't find a thread for this so i am starting a new one, feel free to move it) What the hell are "Pixie Stick lights?"
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    Winnipesaukee Playhouse

    Ok, so the theater company i work for is building a new theater at the site of the former Annalee Doll Factory in Meredith, New Hampshire, and i thought you guys would be intrested in seeing what is going on. The current theater is in Weirs Beach. It is litteraly three storefronts in an ugly...
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    Independent MBTA Review damn. I never realized just how bad off the T was financially. I am all for all green line expansion and red blue connector, but after reading this, i am realy not sure if it is in the best intrest of the T to go ahead with any construction besides...