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  1. tocoto

    Providence developments

    Since Providence is now officially part of the Boston metro, it seems appropriate to include new developments there in this forum. In case anyone is interested (and doesn't already know) there are a lot of interesting projects going on there.
  2. tocoto

    One Ten Westminster - Providence

    I couldn't find a thread for this building so I started one here. Although this building is in Providence it is of significant height, and an interesting major development (even though it has a horrible name). I suppose that Providence is arguably in Boston's metro anyways. Please move the...
  3. tocoto

    Kendal Square Residential

    Sounds like two buildings. From the number of units I would guess one of the is at least 20 stories. One of them Housing comes to Kendall Square Projects are starting to pop up in this center of tech, biotech By Kimberly Blanton, Globe Staff | June 24, 2006 Developers are planning a...