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    North Washington St Bridge

    Charlie is right. They'll be a fight with the insurance company but the bridge will get built in the meantime. Standing pat just increases everyone's exposure.
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    North Washington St Bridge

    If they think they have a claim against an Errors & Omissions policy then I would guess it's the design engineer. I wouldn't expect the other parties to have an E&O policy.
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    North Washington St Bridge

    Latest I heard is that this is looking like a $40-$50M screw up and they'll be going after E&O insurance to cover it.
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    Bay Village Apartment Tower | 212 Stuart St. | Bay Village

    Those cantilevered wings are getting VE'd out of the final development....
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    Foundation Medicine (Parcel P) | 400 Summer Street | Seaport

    This building and 10 World Trade (BGI building) are absolute game changes for connecting the BCEC to the Seaport!
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    North Washington St Bridge

    I will say, at least they finally changed the walk signal so that it's all directions at once. It used to be that you'd need to wait a light cycle to make it to a traffic island. Then wait for another light cycle to make it to another traffic island. It was the epitome of prioritizing cars...
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    North Washington St Bridge

    Update as of last week: JF White has submitted their "position paper" on why the weld cracks were not their fault. JF White very recently submitted their proposed procedure for installing the diaphragms without weld failures. MADOT is looking at the procedure and likely will have an answer in...
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    Encore Boston Harbor Casino | 1 Broadway | Everett

    As I understand it they pulled the proposals because the proposals too closely aligned the new developments to the casino. So the Casino Commission basically said, "The way this is presented now, this development falls into our jurisdiction." So Wynn was like, "Thanks for the heads up. We'll...
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    South Boston Infill and Small Developments

    That Keno lounge was more depressing than most. No on premises liquor license so just old people playing 10 games of Keno, stepping outside for a smoke. 10 games of Keno, stepping outside for a smoke ... I miss Jones' department store across the street. I got all my Girbaud jeans there (sadly...
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    BU Data Sciences Center | 665 Commonwealth Avenue | BU Central

    This is fan-fucking-tastic. If this were BC it would be some safe neo-gothic building (and I say that as someone that likes BCs campus). Bravo to BU for being bold.
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    L Street Station Redevelopment (née Old Edison Plant)| 776 Summer Street | South Boston

    Sure the smoke stacks and the tallest buildings right on L Street. But I have to imagine most of the buildings (particularly if they're set back from the road) are just going to get pulled down with a wrecker claw.
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    Bulfinch Crossing East Parcel | Congress Street | West End

    But they knew the tunnels were there when they got the master plan approved. This is a total bait and switch.
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    L Street Station Redevelopment (née Old Edison Plant)| 776 Summer Street | South Boston

    I posted this 3 months ago. Sure enough, the home page of the web site Equilibria linked is titled: Deconstruction: L Street Station I think they truly believe if they don't call it demo it won't be loud and messy.
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    BU Data Sciences Center | 665 Commonwealth Avenue | BU Central

    Isn't that District Hall / The Innovation Center now?
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    North Washington St Bridge

    I talked to an exec at JF White (the general contractor) maybe a month ago. He said the welding company assumed it was a welding issue and the engineer assumed it was a design issue (he brought this up to point out how rare it was that both parties initially blamed themselves!). All parties...
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    Green Line Extension to Medford & Union Sq

    Does anyone know why a couple of those sets of tracks have multiple gauges inlaid on the same set of ties?
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    Ginkgo Bioworks (Parcels O&P) | 1-3 Anchor Way | Raymond L. Flynn Marine Park

    The underground utility relocations are mostly done at Parcel O. So we should see some digging soon.
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    Marketplace Center | Quincy Market | Downtown

    As JumboBuc said above, blow it up and start from scratch. They'll be gutting the interior, completely redoing the façade and and making a shitload of seismic/structural improvements for the added floors. I can't imagine the financial argument for reusing the existing building is that strong...
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    Encore Boston Harbor Casino | 1 Broadway | Everett

    1. I presume the Church sold (or rented) to the Dollar Store, not "Charlestown". So it's the Church lacking class. 2. It's literally adjacent to the largest public housing development in Massachusetts. Seems like a reasonable place for a Dollar Store.
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    Harvard Enterprise Research Campus | 100 Western Avenue | Allston

    To be fair, Genzyme's edition to that very plant did not speak to it aesthetically at all. :D