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    Naming & Renaming - Public Places in New England

    First step should be the remediation of the ignorant name Nubian Sq. [having nothing at all to do with anything Boston] to something Boston-centric like Attucks's Square -- and then there should be an international competition for an appropriate memorial to Christopher Attucks, a true Martyr /...
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    Evolving use of Office and other Space

    New Paradigms for working This is motivated by the following story in Business Insider Salesforce says 'the 9-to-5 workday is dead,' and will provide 3 new ways for employees to work — including the possibility of working from home forever Salesforce said it will redesign its offices to be...
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    Local Somerville Politics

    Mike -- the way things are going in Somerville -- they will barely enjoy the interior the Mayor of Somerville seems to be dedicated at keeping people from going to work, to entertain or to educate in Somerville -- not sure who he is trying to protect from what
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    Alexandria Labs | Raytheon Site | Woburn

    Alexandria is rapidly expanding its lab footprint BBJ [behind paywall] reports on the plan for 1 M sq ft on the recently acquired properties on E Street next to the BECC from a November story in S&P Global Boston Seaport Self Storage & DHL Express respectively from the Alexandria 10K filing...
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    Coronavirus and its Impacts on Urbanism

    Mike -- given how the world has changed over the decades and more significantly perhaps if the current type of Coronovirus becomes a permanent fixture [if only on a seasonal basis] then we may never go back to the Halcyon days of routine pedestrian crowds?
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    Wind Power Discussion (née: Windmills & Birds)

    Emblematic of the huge gulf between the Hype and the Reality of Wind Power -- the majority of wind turbines contribute mostly pain to the eyes, pain to the ears [and some infrasounds] and serious pain to birds
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    New Cape Cod Bridges

    Proposal to rebuild Cape Cod Canal bridges turns to specifics from the Cape Cod Times article
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    MIT Green Building Project

    MIT is preparing a significant expansion to the iconic Green Building [I M Pei and possibly Araldo Cossutta design 1959 and constructed from 1960 until 1964]
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    Worcester Ballpark & Redev

    Time to launch a new thread focused on the redevelopment in Worcester focused on the new Red Sox minor league ballpark Ground Breaking is next week From the MssLive website...
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    Self Driving Vehicles in Boston Area

    It's now time to have a thread related to Self Driving Vehicles and other automations of passenger and commercial vehicles As of today the Seaport Innovation District -- specifically the Ray Flynn Marine Industrial Park has seen the future of self driving Today's Herald Story...
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    GE Area Development | Fort Point

    Its time to start looking at all the development which will happen as a result of GE's HQ We are are ready seeing two aspects -- 1 is the sale of already renovated Brick & Beam buildings from the BBJ and the more important is new proposed construction also reported in the past few days in...
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    Readville Complex | Hyde Park

    The Universal Hub has a story entitled Anytime someone mentions Sisyphus and the Citgo Sign in one post -- well you have one interesting project Very early in the pipeline
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    Are we still doing phrasing...?

    Tobyjug -- NO Bits are cheap -- Paper is relatively expensive -- you can do 1000 drawings of a few tens of MB each and carry the final collection home with you on something you can hang from a charm bracelet
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    535-545 Boylston St. Redevelopment | Back Bay

    Apparently John Hancock is hooked on the Back Bay -- the BBJ reports that Is a tall slender, and transparent mixed office and residence tower a possibility here on the edge of Copley Sq.
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    Unconventional sites for housing the teeming hordes

    After years of decline and stagnation the population is growing The Mayor and BRA have called for approximately 30,000 new housing units in the next 15 years -- that's about 2,000 units per year We are seeing hundreds of units of housing being constructed in towers downtown and in the...
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    Kendall Square upzoning

    from the Cambridge Day website A lot of this is to be by adding height to existing Boston Properties buildings as described in some additional detail in a slightly earlier Cambrige Day article [12/12/2015] Note that this approx 1 M...
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    The "New BRA"

    Press reports that the BRA has hired Edward O’Donnell, currently Sommerville's Director of Economic Development, to be the BRA's Director of Real Estate from the BBJ on December 7, 2015
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    Boston Brahmins Thread

    Tmac -- Ah would that be the Boston of Oliver Wendell Holmes --- aka "The home of the bean and the cod. Where the Lowells talk only to Cabots, And the Cabots talk only to God" or would it be the Boston of Isabella Stewart Gardner having her friend's "band" play for the opening of her new house...
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    Cambridge Discovery Park | Alewife | Cambridge

    The long static Cambridge Discovery Park is set to begin moving forward Bulfinch Co's will develop a Marriott AC Hotel fronting on RT-2 just at the exit to the Alewife T story in BBJ Lo and...
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    Watson-Health Expansion | Kendall Square

    IBM to create ???? as Watson-Health prepares to launch in Boston-Area So far no details are available on what is to potentially become another Mega-tech anchor IBM is in the process of creating a new industry center based on Big Data -- i.e. Watson the Uber-computer that won Jeopardy and the...