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  1. briv

    Constellation Center | 43 Thorndike St | East Cambridge

    From up-thread... 2009 :lol:. Hopefully, the fact that Constellation Center is now officially kaput, MIT does now go ahead and develops its own performance space. It could be awesome.
  2. briv

    archBOSTON Update: A New Dawn

    So I will no longer be the site's administrator -- a job I was never really crazy about in the first place. I only wanted to make sure the board was kept alive and I think I did a pretty decent job at that over the past 15 years (!!!) or so. Edward approached me several years ago asking to buy...
  3. briv

    Archboston revamp

    The threads got deleted because they were a mess and creating confusion. There are going to be major changes to the site in the coming days. In the meantime, enough with the melodrama already.
  4. briv

    Pierce Boston (née The Point )| Boylston St/Brookline Av | Fenway

    Here's a shot of the Pierce with the restored Muddy River section in front:
  5. briv

    Pierce Boston (née The Point )| Boylston St/Brookline Av | Fenway

    From a week or two ago, a different context:
  6. briv

    Rifleman BAN OR STAY

    Much ado about nothing. Rifleman is not getting banned regardless of the poll and regardless of whether he wants it. If Rifleman doesn't want to post anymore, he shouldn't post anymore. Mod policy regarding off-topic posts: Off-topic posts should be moved from development threads to the general...
  7. briv

    Boston Skyline Photos

    A different kind of view, Mission Hill:
  8. briv

    The Quinn (née The Berkeley) | 370-380 Harrison Ave | South End

    How is this new iteration superior to the last one? I thought the massing and use of materials was far better in the original. Now we get a big monolithic mass extending the whole length of the block at the top. The BCDC is maddeningly arbitrary.
  9. briv

    East Boston Infill and Small Developments

    Lighten up, it was joke. This site is a better place when Beton is posting. Especially in this thread since EB is his hood.
  10. briv

    One Greenway (Parcel 24) | 0 Kneeland Street | Chinatown

    Me too. There's definitely some weirdness going on with these cores.
  11. briv

    Limited-service Hotel Project | 73 Essex St | Chinatown

    I agree as well. To lose this building to a mini-Kensington would only further diminish this part of downtown.
  12. briv

    MIT East Campus - Kendall Square Gateway | Cambridge

    Pulled from the SoMA pdf: I'm liking so much of what's going on in this picture. It will be fantastic if they can achieve this kind of urbanism in Kendall Sq in the near future.
  13. briv

    Pierce Boston (née The Point )| Boylston St/Brookline Av | Fenway

    Here's a couple from yesterday: That double-height floor does appear to be the 18th floor which is described in the marketing materials for this one as an amenity floor featuring a yoga studio, lounge, etc. In at least one rendering this floor looks to mark the exact vertical center of the...
  14. briv

    Julie Hall | Brookline Ave | Emanuel College | Fenway

    The old building is gone -- Pierce Boston and 1350 Boylston under construction in the background:
  15. briv

    Boston Properties Office Tower | 888 Boylston Street | Back Bay

    The fencing around the plaza is down and it's open to the public.
  16. briv

    New England Conservatory Residence Hall | St. Botolph St. | Back Bay

    I don't think I've ever seen these terracotta shingles before. I'm really liking the way they look in person. Far superior to the typical concrete panel/ alucabond crap popping up all over.
  17. briv


    Great link, goldenretrievers. What a fascinating doc. Thanks for posting it. It's astounding how far the Harbor Islands have come since 1969. Raw sewage being dumped into the harbor, smoldering mountains of garbage, heaps of broken glass, decrepit ruins -- it was like some post-apocalyptic...
  18. briv

    SEO Spam

    I removed the bldup bot from the board. I was on the fence about it for a while but it just started to get out of hand. I don't think the board was benefiting from the incessant reposting of its tweets on the forum. For anyone that will miss bldup's posts, I recommend you subscribe to its...
  19. briv

    Julie Hall | Brookline Ave | Emanuel College | Fenway

    This site is fence off and the landscaping is being removed. It looks like they're getting ready to demo the existing building.
  20. briv

    Winthrop Center | 115 Winthrop Square | Financial District

    Re: 111 Federal St. | Formerly Trans National Place (Winthrop Square) Part 2 The phallic stuff, I don't get it. I think if someone wants to look at at a tall building and see a penis, they'll see a penis. Just like if someone wants to look at something like a stadium and see a vagina, they...