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    archPortland Meetup Thread

    We've mentioned potential meetups for the archBostonPortland group; are folks interested yet or still staying sheltered?
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    Watched threads not showing alerts?

    The only thread I'm currently watching in the Boston forum is "Hub on Causeway," and I just discovered that I have not received an alert from it since April 18 even though there have been new posts (alerts from the Maine/Portland forum are working properly). Is this a known issue?
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    HGTV Urban Oasis is in Portland!

    It was just announced that the 2020 HGTV Urban Oasis home giveaway is a newly renovated house in Portland! Does anyone have any idea what neighborhood it's in? Although the photo galleries do a great job of framing it as being isolated, if you watch the videos you can tell it's in a...
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    Rock Row (née The Ridge, née Dirigo Plaza) | Westbrook, ME

    Since they're actually doing work on the old Blue Rock quarry site on Main St. in Westbrook (the old loading equipment by the RR tracks has been removed, and earth movers are on site), I'm going to start this thread and hope it doesn't get jinxed. This is the Market Basket development across...
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    Portland, ME - The Existing Environment

    Since the "New Development" thread tends to get sidetracked from time to time, I'm creating this one where we can discuss anything that already exists in the city. From the Deacon Bailey House to the Bay House and beyond, if the cranes are gone and the owners have the keys, this is the place to...
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    Portland Planning Board - Munjoy Hts., Forefront

    i. Level III Final Site Plan and Subdivision Application, 79 Walnut Street; Munjoy Heights – Redfern Munjoy LLC. , Applicant. The Board will consider a proposal to construct a 29 unit residential development. The site is 69,288 sq. ft. and includes extending a private access way from Walnut...