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    White Flight?

    White flight? Suburbs lose young whites to cities By HOPE YEN, Associated Press Writer ? Sun May 9, 12:52 am ET WASHINGTON ? White flight? In a reversal, America's suburbs are now more likely to be home to minorities, the poor and a rapidly growing older population as many younger, educated...
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    Governments and Economies

    How 'bout the Chinese High Speed Rail System?
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    Boston Adventure

    BOSTON ADVENTURE ad⋅ven⋅ture n. 1. an exciting or very unusual experience. 2. participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises: the spirit of adventure. 3. bold, usually risky undertaking; hazardous actions of uncertain outcome. 4. commercial or financial speculation of any kind; venture...
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    A phishing expedition?

    I got this in my private messages: "From: LadyXAdmin Important message from the forum administration!" I?m not aware that briv has had a sex-change operation, so I assume this is a case of phishing or attempted identity theft. I haven?t opened the message. Did anyone else get it or open it...
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    Boston Hotels

    Some European friends are coming to visit. Knowing how long I?d lived in Boston, they asked me for hotel recommendations. I didn?t know their intended price range, so I included a pretty complete spectrum. Some of these hotels I?ve stayed at; for the others I did a little research on Tripadvisor...
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    bostonbred, don't leave us!

    We need you around to puncture windbags.
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    Ted Kennedy Dies

    Sen. Ted Kennedy dies at age 77 after year-long battle with brain cancer By Larry Mcshane DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER Updated Wednesday, August 26th 2009, 1:44 AM Somodevilla/Getty Sen. Ted Kennedy has passed away at the age of 77. "Edward M. Kennedy, the husband, father, grandfather...
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    Things I Like

    THINGS I LIKE I?m a sucker for nice photographs of what I think are beautiful things. I scoop them off the net and admire them in bunches. Here are some from the last couple of months, lightly arranged. Click them to enlarge; most are worth the trouble to see full size. Castle on a rocky...
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    A University in a Small City

    A UNIVERSITY A SMALL CITY Skyline now dominated by fat towers, like Stamford: Buildings look just as fat close up: This has always been a place with things poking into the sky. The old ones were slender and graceful; they...
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    They Fixed Downtown Too

    THEY FIXED DOWNTOWN TOO. My mom didn?t drive. We lived a couple of blocks up the hill from the end of the Boston College Green Line. Every week she took the trolley downtown to go shopping. There was a cornucopia of department stores: Jordan?s, Filene?s with that great Basement, Gilchrist?s...
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    Bicycle Freedom
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    A 21st Century Urban Project

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    World-class Boston

    WORLD-CLASS BOSTON Reflecting a cultured aristocracy, Boston?s Art Museums are world-class. The Museum of Fine Arts, the Gardner, the Fogg and the Sakler are as good in their categories as most of their competitors worldwide. A couple of decades ago, I had occasion to show a cultivated...
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    Boston Skyline

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    Boston through Chinese Eyes

    Posted on SSP by a student now living in Boston:
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    How the Crash Will Reshape America

    THE ATLANTIC March 2009 The crash of 2008 continues to reverberate loudly nationwide?destroying jobs, bankrupting businesses, and displacing homeowners. But already, it has damaged some places much more severely than others. On the other side of the crisis, America?s economic landscape will...
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    Best Urban Shopping Area

    BEST URBAN SHOPPING AREA Shopping in the suburbs involves driving to a mall or strip center. Once there, you plunks down your money and you drive home with the goods. There?s no civic component to the experience, because you?re never in a public place. You can import the concept of a mall into...
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    Amtrak under Obama's Man

    New Amtrak President Declares War on Dead End Bureaucrats in His Midst On CNBC yesterday Jim Cramer was addressing?that is ranting about?the question of bank nationalization. Executive summary: ?The government can?t run anything!? Example A: ?Look at Amtrak!? Ah, poor Amtrak. So many haters...
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    Boston's Best Modern Urbanism

    BOSTON?S BEST MODERNIST URBANISM With their powerfully jagged sculptural forms, I find modern buildings like Peabody Terrace and the BU Law Tower to be immensely gratifying to drive by on the riverbank roads ? but they don?t do much for the pedestrian. And an urban building?s quality is best...
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    Buildings that Soar

    BUILDINGS THAT SOAR For Scotty? A building that soars and simultaneously billows: Buildings shaped like Dumbo, but still able to soar: Grunting and clambering skyward, a grudging soar, but a soar nonetheless: A collection of tall buildings who all refuse to soar: Some do...