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  1. JoeGallows

    Walking in Boston

    I wanted to post this article from Radio Boston but couldn't find a thread about this in this subforum. [Link - Has map of placebo buttons] My theory for one of the reasons jaywalking is so prevalent in the city is simply because most pedestrian signals are neither automatic or (most...
  2. JoeGallows

    Dorchester Bay City (nee Bayside Expo Ctr.) | Columbia Point

    Link Aside from what I assume is an error in the title (-ment), $1 Billion?! I've never been to this area, but it wasn't a month or so ago looking at the site on Google Earth I was thinking it ought to be redeveloped to something more useful.
  3. JoeGallows

    Historic Boston Prints

    After looking around for a bit, I found the BPL has a shop on Zazzle which has quite a few historic Boston photos for sale. It doesn't seem the Bostonian Society, despite their large online collection, offers an prints (at least over the internet) and the Library of Congress shop doesn't...
  4. JoeGallows

    Fall River/New Bedford Commuter Rail (South Coast Rail)

    Plan for southeast rail line would expand South Station, move major post office By Mac Daniel, Globe Staff DARTMOUTH --Governor Deval Patrick's plan to bring commuter rail service to New Bedford and Fall River by 2016 would include an expansion of South Station that would force the relocation...
  5. JoeGallows

    Emerson Piano Row Dorm

    Apparently the scaffolding collapse hadn't put this project on permanent hold because in this past week's Beacon Hill Times, I found an article titled "Emerson moves toward becoming a residential college." The article speaks mostly about Emerson housing students in the past and the theater...
  6. JoeGallows

    Joe on the MTA

    No, it's not an alternate Kingston Trio version of 'Charlie on the MTA.' Rather, it's a question I'd like to direct to some of our New York City-savvy forum-goers. I'm going to be flying (yes, flying, my girlfriend decided it was not worth it going by Amtrak since it cost the same and took...
  7. JoeGallows

    Charles St. Jail Hotel

    Yaaarrr, she be topped off. This is one construction site you can get quite close and cuddly with whilst avoiding the welding sparks, of course.
  8. JoeGallows

    Red Line Construction

    We have glass at Charles/MGH.