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    Biking in Boston

    I'd call it a sidewalk, not a bike path, where it's right next to Shore Drive. There's no reason to ride a bike on it once the raised crosswalk is open.
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    Fitchburg Line Improvement Project

    I wasn't suggesting that the railroad project stretch out to accommodate weekend service. I was just questioning the lack of substitute bus service.
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    Fitchburg Line Improvement Project

    This shutdown goes through Thanksgiving, well into the Brandeis fall term. Concord tourism (including Walden Pond to some extent) will suffer from this. The 553 doesn't strike me as being a useful bus on Saturdays, since it doesn't connect to any other T service. (It ends in Newton Corner.)
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    Fitchburg Line Improvement Project

    I'm surprised that the T can get away without any substitute bus service. This total shutdown is going to strand a lot of people.
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    128 Widening

    Doesn't all traffic coming out of the office park turn right? If so, why is any police detail needed?
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    Biking the Boston 'Burbs (Trails, MDC, & Towns beyond Hubway area)

    I don't bike to downtown Boston (from Davis Square) daily, but I do it fairly routinely. The Longfellow Bridge is actually quite pleasant for cycling these days, with only one lane of car traffic eastbound and no car traffic at all westbound.
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    Outdoor Sports Viewing

    I think logistics and licensing (from the cable company) took a little longer than expected in Cambridge. Boston City Hall Plaza had the US-Belgium and US-Germany games.
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    Outdoor Sports Viewing

    University Park Common, near Central Square in Cambridge, will be an outdoor viewing area for the last four World Cup games, starting this afternoon.
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    Biking the Boston 'Burbs (Trails, MDC, & Towns beyond Hubway area)

    The shoulder of that part of 16 is much wider than any typical bike lane, and could simply be officially marked as a bike lane. The eastbound section of 16, on the other side of 93, has a similarly wide shoulder that could be marked for bikes as well. This wouldn't actually require any...
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    MA Casino Developments

    Whether I vote for the repeal or not is probably going to depend on what sort of deal Wynn Everett makes with Somerville, and whether Somerville gets enough out of that deal.
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    Continuum | Barry's Corner | Allston

    Re: Barry's Corner Commons and renaming Barry's Corner I have lost track -- what is supposed to replace the now-vacant Charlesview, and when will it be demolished? (Or will it be reused as dormitory space?)
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    The New Retail Thread

    what street is the Orange Leaf photo from? that's a pretty fancy exterior for McDonald's next door.
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    Possible Boston soccer stadium | Discussion

    Re: Somerville Soccer Stadium Central Falls? That's a tiny and densely built little city -- where is there room in it to put a stadium?
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    Public Food Market | 136 Blackstone Street | Haymarket | Downtown

    Re: Public Food Market I don't think that's the issue here. Rather, that liquidation produce and local-farmer produce each be properly labeled and differentiated from each other, if both are being sold on the same block.
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    Somerville Infill and Small Developments

    That's not "missed opportunity". That's "hasn't happened yet, and won't until the Green Line stations open."
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    The New Retail Thread

    What would I like to see? A relocated, reopened Other Side Cafe. (Change the name to This Side Cafe.) Or maybe a temporary micro-Wegman's until the real one opens in the Fenway?
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    Assembly Row Development | Assembly Square | Somerville

    I don't think it's appropriate for the city to take the existing strip mall by eminent domain, but I'd be happy to see just the parking lots taken that way, leaving the stores in place.
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    Charles Place | Harvard Square | Cambridge

    Re: Charles Place, Harvard Sq, Cambridge Will the turnaround come back? It looks to me like the road that contained the turnaround has been removed and built upon.
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    Charles Place | Harvard Square | Cambridge

    Re: Charles Place, Harvard Sq, Cambridge I can't figure out how the trolleybuses coming out of the tunnel at Mount Auburn are able to reverse to go back into the tunnel. This project seems to have (permanently?) removed the overhead wire's turnaround loop.
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    The Northeast Expressway, Revere Beach Connector, and geographically related projects

    What is wrong with Route 1? It is fully grade separated from all cross-traffic, except for one traffic light in Lynnfield.