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  1. atlantaden

    Logan Airport Capital Projects

    Terminal E’s new red addition as seen from the air! Of all the times Ive flown out of Logan, I’ve never flown over the airport, leaving from runway 33L like I did today! An amazing sight!
  2. atlantaden

    Logan Airport Capital Projects

    Walked up to the rooftop level of the rental car building to grab a view and some pix of the massive red E Terminal addition! Pics just don’t do justice of it’s enormity!
  3. atlantaden

    Boston Skyline Photos

    Taken at Granite Hills Links in Quincy! Such views, IPhone 13 just doesn’t catch how spectacular the view actually is, the second pic is without focusing in. I also learned that the golf course is the top of the Quincy quarries that we’re filled in by soil/rock dug from the Big Dig! Certainly...
  4. atlantaden

    Logan Airport Flights and Airlines Discussion Jet Blue to begin Boston-Paris flights next year!
  5. atlantaden

    Flickr Finds & Social Media Pics

    courtesy of Boston USA
  6. atlantaden

    Evolution of the Prudential Center: 1954-1989

    Holy crap, I just noticed in the above pic that a fairly large scale model of the Prudential Tower was built and placed on the construction site. How cool was that!
  7. atlantaden

    MIT East Campus - Kendall Square Gateway | Cambridge

    Did an afternoon walk around Kendall Square beginning at the Alexandria Technology Square Parking Garage where I couldn’t help but notice the names of the parking levels! First stop, a quick peek inside the new Draper Labs Atrium and was allowed only a peek, then politely showed the door!