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    MBTA stations that are aging well

    This is a topic I spend a fair amount of time thinking about since it seems like we have a pretty crappy track record of just general very basic station maintenance. I worry that the Government Center stations of today will look like the Alewife/Alewife garage do today in 20 years. Everytime I...
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    Crime in Boston

    Sorry for the downer topic, but something pretty remarkable is happening in Boston this year in that overall crime is down, and murders are running significantly below average, while almost all other major cities are grappling with a surge in homicides and even breaking all-time records. In...
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    Gateway Cities #2- Haverhill photos

    Arguably the least Gateway-ie of the Gateway Cities, Haverhill has a large geographic area that centers around the Merrimack River and a solid middle-class population. Home to about 64,000 people, Haverhill was a major shoe manufacturing hub. Today it has a well preserved healthy and mostly...
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    Gateway Cities - Lawrence photos

    Been meaning to post these photos from this Spring and early Summer for a while now. If you're not familiar with it, Lawrence is an old mill city about 30 miles north of Boston right off 93 on the Merrimack River. Boasting 80,000 people in 7 square-miles, Lawrence is one of the densest places in...
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    Downtown Lynn

    I went to Downtown Lynn for the first time this week and it was interesting. Definitely a Gateway Cities vibe - lots of parking lots, vacant lots, and just weird uses (gas stations, etc.), and the sidewalks were pretty empty. But cool architecture, commuter rail is right in the middle of it...
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    Lowell Justice Center | 370 Jackson St | Lowell

    Re: Lowell 2015 update $31.5M OK'd for Lowell Judicial Center LOWELL -- Finally. Construction is expected to begin this fall in the empty lot where the city's new $200 million judicial center is planned.
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    Lowell Infill and Small Developments

    A couple years ago I posted this update on Lowell - This is just a quick update of some changes since then. Nothing earth-shattering, but a couple interesting things -- Most of the main streets in Downtown Lowell have been converted to...
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    Mass. Historic Rehab. Tax Credits, 2011-12

    Thanks to tax credit transparency reports released by the state, it's possible to see which cities in Massachusetts benefit most from the Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit program, which is capped at $50 million each year. These are the totals for 2011 and 2012 1.) Boston $19.7 million 2.)...
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    Progress in Lowell

    (The Hamilton and Counting House Mills) Lowell doesn't get a great deal of attention on this forum, in spite of some of the major renovation and construction projects occurring there. I have Thundertubs from Skyscraperpage to thank for supplying 2009 photos of parts of the city. I've included...
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    Portsmouth development battle

    Thanks to its coastal location, historic charm, and some perhaps too fawning press - 'Portsmouth is Perfect' Chicago Tribune - Portsmouth is enjoying a bit of a real...
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    Lowell's 'Disneyland for Hipsters'

    Mill No. 5 brings transformation to Lowell LOWELL — The renovation of Mill No. 5 gives new meaning to the real estate term “mixed use project.” At heart an office...
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    Concord, NH

    Concord, New Hampshire, thanks largely to the work of a single, resourceful developer, has seen a fair amount of development in its downtown in recent years. I thought it was probably deserving of its own thread. Independent Bookseller will anchor downtown development The Orr & Reno law firm...
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    Ritzy downtown daycare

    An Italian daycare company that provides childcare services for wealthy families in Europe is planning its United States launch for Downtown Boston. The Purchase St. building will feature a gourmet Italian restaurant, where downtown workers can meet their kids for lunch, and high tech webcam and...
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    Toll Hikes in NH - Hampton spared

    From the Union Leader
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    Boston pics

    Here's some pics I took around Boston and posted on SkyScraperPage. Since they're the pretty standard North End, skyline shots, etc. I figured they'd be more interesting for the non-natives, but be my guest...
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    Silver Line Incident

    This caught my eye in the Globe's Starts & Stops Column Now, what exactly does a T Driver have to do to get fired?!
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    Bar Times

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    There's an interesting story behind the CharlieCard that I got a kick out of... In the 1940s, the MTA fare-schedule was very complicated - at one time, the booklet that explained it was 9 pages long. Fare increases were implemented by means of an "exit fare". Rather than modify all the...
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    Unconventional News

    I love this stuff... Intoxicated model groped, attacked state troopers, police say By Elizabeth Dinan PORTSMOUTH -- A 21-year-old city woman grabbed a state trooper's genitals four times and punched another trooper in the face while being booked for driving...