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    MGM Music Hall (née Fenway Theater) | 12 Lansdowne St | Fenway

    On the plus side, Annie Lennox will be there. Now THAT'S royalty.
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    Green Line Extension to Medford & Union Sq

    It's not opening on December 12th, it's opening on November 42nd.
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    Other People's Rail: Amtrak, commuter rail, rapid transit news & views outside New England

    I wonder if this will spur a schedule change on either the Vermonter or Ethan Allen, maybe pushing one to leave the Burlington area later in the day to spread the schedule a little bit.
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    MBTA Bus & BRT

    A couple of tweaks in the northern suburbs that I would make to the new bus proposals: 1) Add service to Market St in Lynnfield. The May proposal had relatively frequent service on the 426 bus, the October proposal has none. The lack of service there makes no sense, considering this is a job...
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    City Hall Plaza Revamp | Government Center

    I think that may be a false alarm, the only people I've seen going through are all in hardhats, some in hi-viz vests... There's also still construction equipment left along the edges of the plaza.
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    Bunker Hill Community College Redevelopment

    Might BHCC have a long term transferable lease that allows development rights? There has been some construction activity off on the west side of the building in the past few months. I thought this was going to be about that (does anyone know what it is?) Edit: I didn't scroll past an ad...
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    Logan Airport Capital Projects

    I had no trouble navigating Dublin on either end, and I find Terminal 2 to be really beautiful (this wasn't my first time there). I was transferring to a Schengen bound flight, so I was directed to bypass the Irish/CTA border checkpoint. The Schengen bound flight gates in Terminal 2 were a...
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    Logan Airport Capital Projects

    I flew into Berlin Brandenburg on the 12th (via Dublin) and got a quick landside tour of the world's oldest brand new airport by my German friend who was there waiting for me. It reminded me a lot of Denver International Airport in layout and look/feel. It's not a hub, but was certainly was...
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    Parcel 12 | Massachusetts Avenue at Boylston Street | Back Bay

    I can second that. The Bebop also usually has great live music (but don't cross Noreen, she'll kick your ass)
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    Parcel 12 | Massachusetts Avenue at Boylston Street | Back Bay

    Seconded. My favorite bar. I may hit it tonight.
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    Two lanes or one?

    It hasn't been striped as two lanes since the mid 1970s, it's been one wide lane since, but used as a default two lane-usually only for passing-the locals know better than to travel close to the yellow line. In my recent times up that way (my parents live in Burligton, and I try to get up...
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    Two lanes or one?

    Legally one, but treated as two in most places. But that's about to change.
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    MassDOT Rail: Springfield Hub (East-West, NNERI, Berkshires, CT-Valley-VT-Quebec)

    Another option would be to instead have a BOS-TOR overnight, with a connection in Albany, either cross platform, or a NY section that gets tacked on like on the Lake Shore Limited.
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    Copley Square Revamp | Back Bay

    And if that's not determined to be feasible, they should reduce the width of Dartmouth St there by one or two lanes. Maybe resurface it with pavers or granite blocks and line it with bollards to discourage drivers from going too fast through there. There's no reason for a three lane high speed...
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    General MBTA Topics (Multi Modal, Budget, MassDOT)

    What, what?! Have they reduced the headways to 10 minutes?!
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    Parcel 12 | Massachusetts Avenue at Boylston Street | Back Bay

    The TJ Maxx building was also the location of the bar in the 1973 film "The Friends of Eddie Coyle". The bar was in a retail space that was right on the corner of Newbury and Mass Ave, about where the entrance to TJ Maxx is today, with the front facing Mass Ave.
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    MBTA Bus & BRT

    It hasn't gone unnoticed in Burlington: Town Officials Urge Residents to Provide Feedback to Proposed MBTA Bus Route Changes
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    MBTA Bus & BRT

    I've long thought that Route 350 riders would be better served if it took Pleasant Street to MA 2 instead of the Massachusetts Ave routing. Mass Ave is already well served by buses. The 350 being so long should be routed by the quickest route to Alewife once in Arlington Center.
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    MBTA Bus & BRT

    I do sort of get that, and think the 94 extension looks good, but commuters in Burlington and Billerica (and probably parts of Bedford and Wilmington) might not be so keen on losing the 352/354 express buses. The two have been combined since the pandemic, and are pretty well used, even to the...
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    Logan Airport Flights and Airlines Discussion

    Probably not. The plane basically is a boat. In most places it lands, pulls up to a dock and passengers disembark or embark.