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  1. JoeGallows

    General MBTA Topics (Multi Modal, Budget, MassDOT)

    Re: Driven By Customer 'Service' Parte Dos Sorry about the formatting but that's the way it was on their site. Seems they haven't discovered paragraphs yet. Why should the trains have to slow down at all at any of these locations (aside from tight corners)? The speed limit for the trains...
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    Most Egregious Impediments to/Gaps in Walking around Boston?

    Similarly, we could take a cue from London (or rather, Greenwich).
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    Photo of the Day, Boston Style: Part III

    Best result I found in my admittedly short search.
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    Flickr Finds & Social Media Pics

    I had no idea the BPL courtyard used to be so.. verdant. From Flickr user rnolan1087 It's not hard finding great shots on Nick DeWolf's archive:
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    General MBTA Topics (Multi Modal, Budget, MassDOT)

    Re: Driven By Customer 'Service' Parte Dos I think I was more annoyed about the fact that there is a 10mph speed limit than anything else mentioned in the story. Don't get me started on the several stop signs that are placed along the length of the B line where no other vehicles need to stop.
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    Allston-Brighton Infill and Small Developments

    This vacant red house and the lot to its right on Allston St. (in Allston!) have been replaced by four(?) or so wood-frame townhouses, which are near completion, just north of the B line.
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    Walking in Boston

    I wanted to post this article from Radio Boston but couldn't find a thread about this in this subforum. [Link - Has map of placebo buttons] My theory for one of the reasons jaywalking is so prevalent in the city is simply because most pedestrian signals are neither automatic or (most...
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    Street Grid vs Higgledy Piggledy

    Starting here:
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    Crossroads Initiative

    I was just thinking about this project the other day and I'm happy to see some movement. Glad to see the intersections will be narrowed. I believe Ailanthus are growing all over parts of Beacon Hill. If I recall, Myrtle St. is lined with them (hard to see with the poor Streetview photo quality)...
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    The New Retail Thread

    The space the smoker occupied, which took up a whole storefront space, now has a 'FOR RENT' sign in the window, I believe. New retail tenant someday?
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    The New Retail Thread

    Then you probably wouldn't be surprised to hear that it isn't very good. I think they put all their money into the sign outside as the menus behind the counter were spray painted stencil lettering on plywood shortly after they opened. Dong Khanh on Harrison in Chinatown is the best in the city...
  12. JoeGallows

    The New Retail Thread

    On a similar vein, the former Winter St. Staples space has a new tenant. Guess who, it's an easy one! Got it yet? CVS! Maybe they'll sell tear suppressants so it won't look like I'm crying about the state of Downtown Crossing.
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    Where am I? The photo contest

    I know exactly where that is, but I'd like to see if anyone else knows where it is as well.
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    Where am I? The photo contest

    I think this is the headhouse for North Station on the north side of Causeway St. The sea of loose gravel was the biggest tip-off for me.
  15. JoeGallows

    Where am I? The photo contest

    Harvard Street near Central?
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    Ugly Boston

    This building here has got to be one of the ugliest in the Greater Boston area.
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    The New Retail Thread

    The ugly-ass green and white brick arches at 58 Summer Street (where the McDonalds used to be a few years ago) have finally come down. A company bought the retail condo and seems to be renovating the unit to attract a tenant. Some info about the space.
  18. JoeGallows

    Allston-Brighton Infill and Small Developments

    The owner of 1954 Commonwealth Ave has requested to change the zoning on the property to allow for a 6-story, 16 unit building with 11 parking spaces to be constructed. The owner has been planning to do something with this property for a while now, as evidenced by this article from 2007. The...
  19. JoeGallows

    The Beverly (née Merano) (Parcels 1B & 1C) | Bulfinch Triangle | West End

    Re: The Merano Looks like it's a small parking lot. Wish I knew why it wasn't being developed at the same time.