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  1. Portlander

    Name this US city and related urban trivia!

    I thought it would be entertaining to start a thread that channels our passion for cities, buildings and downtown areas into a friendly trivia challenge. There are no rules but I think it would be fair if we kept the questions focused on cities located in the United States. I will kick it off...
  2. Portlander

    Port of Portland | Working waterfront and future developments

    Started a new thread due to recommendations from markhb and Cosakita 18 that is devoted to the Port of Portland, its working waterfront and any current or future developments. Included is a bird's eye view of the harbor from the 1930's because I enjoy sharing Portland's history.
  3. Portlander

    My Top 10 cities of Northern New England

    Years ago I started a thread that ranked the top 15 cities of New England by importance which received plenty of interest and spirited debate so I thought I'd eliminate the three densely populated states to the south and focus on the more remote portion of New England. My rankings take into...
  4. Portlander

    Facades and Coffee | Portland

    Thinking about the idea of having a "Facades and Coffee" get together with interested members of this site from the Portland area. I've had the pleasure of meeting a few archBoston posters such as Patrick, Corey, Max, Martin, Eric and it has been cool to put a face with people I've been...
  5. Portlander

    Portland Museum of Art Expansion | Portland

    The PMA is in the planning stages of a major expansion of its downtown campus which will include a new 6 or 7 story building as the centerpiece on the current site of the former Children's Museum. The architect for the project is expected to be chosen by the end of the year after a design...
  6. Portlander

    Skyline & Aerial photos | Portland

    Felt it was long overdue so I decided to start a thread which showcases Portland's downtown skyline. With the addition of 201 Federal Street the views of Portland will change from numerous vantage points. Have added a few photos I took back in 2016 so we could establish a baseline as Portland...
  7. Portlander

    Lewiston, Maine's second largest city.

    Felt that Lewiston finally deserved it's own thread. Today the city revealed it's new marketing logo. The bricks, keystone and color combination were designed to represent the city's industrial heritage and is also a nod to the "brick meets sky" theme. The new brand identity was achieved...
  8. Portlander

    201 Federal Street | Residential Tower | Portland

    Thought this potential development was worthy of it's own thread. If completed as rumored, it will become Maine's tallest building eclipsing Franklin Towers (1969) by approximately 15 feet. I wish Redfern Properties the very best throughout the upcoming process which will probably include...
  9. Portlander

    465 Congress Street | Portland

    Noticed yellow tubing on the NW corner (street level to the roof) of 465 Congress Street today from I 295 which hopefully means the renovations are getting ready to begin. Has anyone noticed anything on the street as far as signage, fencing or jersey barriers?
  10. Portlander

    Herald Square | 385 Congress St | Portland

    Article today in Mainebiz involving office vacancy rates in Greater Portland mentioned a new mixed-use development at 385 Congress Street. Project is set to potentially include 100,000 square feet of new Class A office space. This is the lot beside City Hall that currently has the former Press...
  11. Portlander


    Listed below are my personal rankings of New England's top 15 urban centers. More importance was placed on metropolitan populations over actual city counts because I believe it is more realistic reading of a city's true stature. Other factors involved are regional importance, transportation...