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    Boom Towns

    This boom really is unprecedented, and much larger relatively than NYC's or any other traditionally urban American cities (correct me if I'm wrong)
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    Chinese Architecture or Whatever.

    Even my city in China is doing classic architecture better: Bonus shot of some real art deco. Beauty:
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    Good UrbEx Locations?

    What are some interesting places in the city to explore? Preferably those that are not too hard to get to, but some trickier ones might also be interesting.
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    This is a proposal for a supertall skyscraper in Chongqing. Sculptural. Dense. Pulsing with vitality. Urban. Beautiful. Stunning. Green. What more can I say?
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    Hancock owner defaults on loan

    Hancock owner defaults on loan 2 lenders might foreclose on Broadway Partners By Casey Ross, Globe Staff | January 23, 2009 The John Hancock Tower is facing foreclosure and its two top lenders are angling to buy the iconic Back Bay skyscraper after its current owner defaulted on hundreds of...
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    I'm testing to see how many poll options are available
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    West End Mobil Closure & Redevelopment | West End

    At old West End service station, one last fill-up Company decides not to renew contract after 49 years By Ryan Kost, Globe Correspondent | July 12, 2008 As time stole the old West End and replaced small shops and homes with condos and parking lots, the Mobil gas station just down the street...
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    Ban Request: Ned Flaherty

    I've been tolerating his idiotic posts for a while, but a recent post pushed me over the edge. He's done nothing but troll, inefficiently use "site resources" (just throwing his argument back at him), and just plain out be insulting and condenscending towards the entire forum, including now...
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    Lofts Avana

    Lofts Avana is a luxury apartment conversion in Chinatown, which adds 2 floors on top of a 10 story building. The signs at the site say it should be completed by "Spring 08". Pics taken by me today: Looking south toward the building: Close-up of the sign:
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    Washington-Beech BHA Redevelopment | Roslindale

    Hope can revive an asphalt acre $20m HUD grant to transform Washington-Beech complex By Donovan Slack, Globe Staff | March 22, 2008 Boston won a $20 million federal grant this week to redevelop a Roslindale public housing complex that has been plagued with shootings and violence in recent...
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    Massachusetts General Hospital Building For The Third Century

    Massachusetts General Hospital is building a new building "which will address specific needs of the hospital’s emergency services, radiation oncology, radiology, inpatient and outpatient surgery and related support procedures, and acute and intensive care inpatient capacity."...
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    The Case for Skyscrapers
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    My Boston improvement ideas

    First of all, they should put traffic lights on Storrow Drive and make it less wide, creating more parkland and make the park more a part of the city (by having crosswalks as well as pedestrian overpasses). Second, they should streamline the bereaucracy, shorten the permitting process to 7...
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    Boom Town

    In today's business section of the Globe: Finally Boston is picking up some development. I would say it is a long way away from a boom town. Las Vegas is a true boom town, because they have over 70 high-rises under construction (source: and have proposed the 2nd...
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    New Office buildings in Woburn

    Off of 128, on the north side in Woburn, it looks like there are 3 office buildings going up. They look like they're all topped off at 6 stories, and made of steel. It replaced 2 big vacant lots. Does anyone have any info about this project and/or pics?