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    Allston-Brighton Infill and Small Developments

    I like this pic and I feel like the sun belt is doing this right. People get to have their own home and a neighborhood feel while being pretty dense. I dont see whats the problem. EMT's or fireman would have to walk far in a 5-over-1 apartment building also so whats the difference? Anyway...
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    Bulfinch Crossing | Congress Street Garage | West End

    This is really really bad, at a really really high profile location.
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    409 Huntington Ave | The Fenway

    I like that they are keeping the facade. Better than at Kenmore.
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    Domino Sugar Redevelopment | 425 Medford Street | Charlestown Waterfront

    I actually like the changes. Looks more urban. And nicer. And seems like its not reduced overall massing?
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    Everett Waterfront Redevelopment | 52 Beacham Street | Everett

    They should transfer all this stuff to New Bedford.
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    Saugus Developments

    I dont think locations like this or the "Everett Triangle" have a lot of "pull factor." (Not yet) Its mostly out of control "push factor" of insane prices. And also out of town buyers might feel more comfortable in a modern development even if location considered "uncool" to locals.
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    Harvard Enterprise Research Campus | 100 Western Avenue | Allston

    I gotta say I partly agree with the nimby's in this case. Boston needs more housing, more walkable neighborhoods, not another urban disaster like the seaport. Harvard should axe their whole plan and go back to the drawing board.
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    380 2nd Street | Everett

    Looks awesome! Love the density and amount of housing.
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    Longwood Place (Simmons Residential Campus) | 305 Brookline Avenue | Longwood

    I like the boxier massing and division into two rows of buildings with the implication of a street in between. I am concerned there's a lack of human scale on Brookline Ave - they should do a small podium with a setback at the third story at the very least. If it was me I would put the larger...
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    Life Sciences Bldg | 4054 Mystic Valley Parkway | Wellington | Medford

    I always wondered what the history of that giant marsh/forest in the middle was. Is it super contaminated? Is it just a remnant of the larger marsh that never got filled for some reason? I suppose its pretty much impossible to fill wetlands nowadays but in my imaginary vision for that area...
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    Dorchester Bay City (nee Bayside Expo Ctr.) | Columbia Point

    Read a book on Columbia point a long time ago. I believe the original project had about three times as many units as Harbour point, which replaced it. Supposedly they didnt have to evict a lot of tenants because by the time of demolition so many units had become condemned due to lack of...
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    100 Shawmut Avenue | South End

    I like this one. I like they saved some of the history and I'm ok with the sharp contrast. I think a clean break is more honest and looks better than some half ass historocity. At least, here.
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    Elm Street Residences | 99 East Elm Street | Everett

    Nice design with cheap materials. My takeaway from this is Alcubond doesn't have to be so bad if you use conservative colors and a single repeating scheme.
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    Harvard Enterprise Research Campus | 100 Western Avenue | Allston

    I feel like the most most high profile, money backed projects usually end up coming out the worst. Harvard had an opportunity here to create an attractive, walkable, neighborhood and campus, like their original one. But its just turning into a big office park ornamented with random gimmicks...
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    The Ipswich | 2 Charlesgate West | Fenway

    hey, great massing, great program, 400 units. I don't mind a plain street wall. I dont mind the loss of the "weird architecture." Wierd architecture only looks good if its designed and built well, and in Boston it usually isnt.
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    Pearl Clutching near Section 8 homes.

    Well there have been numerous projects > mixed income re-ro's, over many years and they seem to do fine in terms of leasing. For example Columbia point to Harbour Point. This is just a new breed in that they are more dense instead of less dense, matching the old units one to one. But the...
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    MXD II (Google Kendall) | 325 Main St. | Kendall Square | Cambridge

    I dont hate it. I feel like Kendal is shifting into an evil space invasion aesthetic with those new MIT buildings. And as a glass box at least its an evil space invasion glass box that matches the theme.
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    Boutique Hotel at 88 North Washington St | Bulfinch Triangle | West End

    are mass timber buildings legal in ma?
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    Newton Infill and Small Developments

    I mean, LOVE the massing and program tho, nice to have options for people in the middle. And maybe itl end up freeing up some single families. The cladding . . . at least its creative and doesnt seem to be in a high profile location. I hate ugly cladding in Boston but this place seems pretty...
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    The Robinson | 656 Ocean Ave | Revere

    I feel like if we were giving yimby awards Revere would be second place for the inner towns after Everett