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  1. Cosakita18

    Portland Foreside | 58 Fore Street | Portland

    Call me a pessimist, but I'm 99.9% sure that most of that vertical greenery will is so often the case with big projects that "greenwash" their renderings. It
  2. Cosakita18

    Skyline & Aerial photos | Portland

    A quick attempt to make this awesome photo even better.
  3. Cosakita18

    Infill and Small Developments | Portland

    That existing triple decker (quad decker?) Is already in the midst of renovation, so I assume whatever plan is in the works for that parcel is fairly imminent. This would be a great parcel for a mid-density mixed-use infill building!
  4. Cosakita18

    Portland Museum of Art Expansion | Portland

    I've got to say, I'm also impressed with how recently some of these renderings were made! Based on the fact that we can see 201 Federal topped can tell they took their drone footage and compiled their rendering just within the last ~3 weeks!
  5. Cosakita18

    Portland Museum of Art Expansion | Portland

    I will say, I think the Toshiko Mori team did the best job at using their video to really highlight how this could be an architectural centerpiece for the whole city, not just the immediate PMA campus
  6. Cosakita18

    Portland Museum of Art Expansion | Portland

    Completely agreed. All of the "top 3" are stunning in their own way, and no matter what design ends up moving forward, it be architectural masterpiece for the city. I'm very excited to see this become a reality.
  7. Cosakita18

    Portland Museum of Art Expansion | Portland

    After some additional thought, I would say my preferences would be: 1) Toshiko Moi 2) Lever 2) Adjaye Associates 4) MVRDV I'm actually not too keen on the MVRDV design. Sure it's interesting, but to me it comes across as trying too hard to be "unique" and "bold"
  8. Cosakita18

    Portland Museum of Art Expansion | Portland

    These are all stunning! I'm torn between Adjaye Associates and Toshiko Mori. The Toshiko Mori design would really be a stunning addition to the skyline, but I love the cantilevered design and palate of Adjaye Associates
  9. Cosakita18

    Maine Public Broadcasting Bldg. | 25 Commercial St. | Portland

    Love these renderings and love the design! This will be a fantastic addition to the eastern waterfront. That balcony deck will absolutely have some of the best views in the city
  10. Cosakita18

    Rock Row (née The Ridge, née Dirigo Plaza) | Westbrook, ME

    It's a bit baffling to me that our area is within commuting distance of one of the fastest growing and influential tech and biotech clusters in the world, and we can't capture any of it. The Boston areas has added 10 million + Sq. Ft of lab and research space just in the last few years...and...
  11. Cosakita18

    465 Congress Street | Portland

    I doubt this building would ever be able to be actual lab space. Modern bio labs need a big floor plate and lots of complex ventilation and climate control systems which would be virtually impossible to retrofit onto the Fidelity Building But some kind of other tech / Software / Robotics /...
  12. Cosakita18

    465 Congress Street | Portland

    A lot of people also tend to overlook that there are a lot of downtown eateries that survive by catering to the lunch time office crowd. A downtown professional workforce can bring just as much urban vitality as a hotel or apartments! I would love to see a smaller tech or engineering company...
  13. Cosakita18

    465 Congress Street | Portland

    It's odd that this building is still being actively marketed for commercial leases while the building is poised for residential redevelopment. There's a new commercial leasing brochure from October of this year highlighting the property for office space and even showing a few top floor spaces...
  14. Cosakita18

    Port of Portland | Working waterfront and future developments

    Eimskip is adding a 4th vessel to the Green Line, which means more calls in Portland and an increasing available capacity on the North America-Iceland trade lane by 25% More freight ships to call on Maine’s only container port - Portland Press Herald The article again mentions imminent...
  15. Cosakita18

    Portland Foreside | 58 Fore Street | Portland

    You have way too much faith in the competence of this development team....
  16. Cosakita18

    83 Middle St | CHOM Affordable Housing | Portland

    I do my best to understand that this is a senior affordable housing project and CHOM is operating on razor thin margins and a very tight budget in an inflationary economy....but that facade truly looks terrible, especially when you compare and contrast it with surrounding buildings. Maybe the...
  17. Cosakita18

    Herald Square | 385 Congress St | Portland

    I actually like this new palate quite a bit. I think once the facade is "weathered" a bit it will blend in nicely with the Press Herald building. The only thing that could improve it would be to have more of a granite color on the first two stories to blend with City Hall. Although I'm still...
  18. Cosakita18

    General Portland Discussion

    Building off of this, I'm hearing "through the grapevine" from multiple parties that West / Central Bayside is going to be getting a lot of attention in the next year or two...
  19. Cosakita18

    Westbrook, ME

    As of right now, Westbrook has 1,300 housing units in the planning and development process. An incredible rate of growth!
  20. Cosakita18

    Portland Square Redevelopment | Portland

    Taking a look today, I've noticed that 3 Portland Square has been removed from most major commercial listing sites. Not exactly an encouraging sign.