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    Portland Passenger Rail

    As a regular rider of the Downeaster (over 90 trips in 2022) who almost always walks to and from the PTC, I’m very supportive of the old Union Station location. This will make the walk much easier, safer, and make downtown so much more accessible to people on foot. I agree that the proposed...
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    Portland Passenger Rail

    The study team recommended further evaluation of alternative 8 which would separate intercity busses and trains. From the study: Alternative 8 provides strong benefits to customer and train movement safety, improves rail operations by being located on the rail mainline thereby eliminating the...
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    Portland - General Infrastructure

    Connect 2045, the long range transportation plan for greater Portland, includes priority projects. Inclusion of a project in Connect 2045 is a critical first step in the funding process but does not guarantee a project will be funded. Some of these projects could have a major positive impact on...
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    Portland, ME - New Construction Continued

    More of 218 Washington.
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    201 Federal Street | Residential Tower | Portland

    Second picture was taken in Gross Bakery.
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    Portland Museum of Art Expansion | Portland

    The PMA offered this preview in an ad placed in today’s PPH
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    Wayland Sq. | 230 Waterman St. | Providence

    Disappointing that they caved to pressure and scaled back the project but nice to see more new housing in the area. To the PPS’ concerns, I’m a supporter of facadectomies and it would be cool to see the existing structure incorporated into the new but that not happening with this particular...
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    This food and health themed business is on the ground floor- Finance-related outfits above. Building website-
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    195 Providence Innovation & Design District

    I preferred the glass and steel aesthetic on display in post 49 to what is shown in the latest renderings. Even so, the glazed white brick will look good and I’m glad they pushed back on suggestions that the arcade be removed.
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    Infill and Small Developments | Portland

    Some nice goods and views to be found in Hub Furniture. Here are a couple of photos I took a few weeks ago while looking for a coffee table and a bench with built in shore storage space.
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    Photo of the Day, Providence Style

    Beautiful day on the East Bay Bike Path.
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    Really love this building on Penhallow and Daniel.
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    Brunswick Development

    This 4-story 63 unit apartment building proposed for the corner of Admiral Fitch and Anchor is being reviewed by the Planning Board tomorrow. Construction on the housing development described in post 44 is well underway. Two additional buildings were recently approved as part of that project...
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    52 Hanover St | Apartments | Portland

    A few photos I took after dinner.
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    MBTA Construction Projects

    I scanned the Downeaster ticket on my phone when leaving and entering the waiting area last Friday. Definitely not designed for lefties but no issues otherwise. I wonder how this will work when I purchase a ticket for another person and myself. Amtrak only issues one QR code. Will we both be...
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    Boston Skyline Photos

    Photos taken while walking today.
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    Name this US city and related urban trivia!

    No clues beyond the distinctive towers outside my hotel window.
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    Maine Medical Center Expansion | Portland

    As seen from the Downeaster.
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    Providence developments

    Good get for Providence. Wish this had been around when I lived near Wayland Square.