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    Hartford CT

    In my 10 year experience of living in CT, when people say a place is a dump they tend to mean minorities live there.
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    New Haven

    that is part of the proposed development, a phase 2 or 3 tower. Phase 1 is apartment + retail as shown in the render. Phase 2 and 3 calls for a hotel tower and a separate life science/lab office tower
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    New Haven

    there is a series of murals throughout downtown called New Haven Notables that recognizes native contributions to pop culture, entertainment, sports, science, etc... i am not sure how often it is updated.
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    New Haven

    Highly recommend it. I live in downtown New Haven and do a 30 mile roundtrip ride a couple times a week. Easy access to the trail is such an amazing amenity to living in New Haven. The first mile or so is through the city, so there are about a dozen crossing at roads, but they are residential...
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    New Haven

    That last photo is stunning! looks like a dutch master's landscape painting!
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    New Haven - The Gateway to the Knowledge Corridor

    That site used to be the Church Street South Housing projects, designed by Charles Moore (originally designed by Mies van der Rohe) ( Boston based Northland Investments bought the property in mid 2000's, and due to lack of upkeep...