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    Longwood Place (Simmons Residential Campus) | 305 Brookline Avenue | Longwood

    Complaints about shadows emerging:
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    Allston-Brighton Infill and Small Developments

    Replacing a used car dealership, 33 new units, zero car parking spaces. This is great! That pocket of surface parking around the dealership, KFC, and 7/11 really should be developed. Would be a great plot for a tall landmark building.
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    Beverly Developments

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    Biking in Boston

    You'll probably find plenty of racks in the area but personally I'd probably BlueBike.
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    Parcel 12 | 1001 Boylston Street | Back Bay

    This and the BU Data Sciences Center really look phenomenal and have brought some additional height and architectural distinctiveness to this area of Boston. Can't wait for the One Kenmore Hotel to go up (if it ever does)!
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    Worcester Kelley Square

    Idk, the chaos felt somewhat safer to me living there? Because it was so unpredictable and chaotic people generally drove pretty cautiously through that area, at least in my experience.
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    Worcester | Canal District infill/discussion

    First time seeing Polar Park in person. Quite impressive how they managed to design and build a ballpark that already looks 30 years old!
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    Worcester | Canal District infill/discussion

    I used to bike through Kelley Sq and the Canal District on the way to work when I lived there, and it was generally not fun lol
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    1600, 1800, 1850 Soldiers Field Road | Brighton

    "Trammel Crow has submitted a Letter of Intent proposing the redevelopment of 1600, 1800, and 1850 Soldiers Field Road. The proposed redevelopment is anticipated to take place in two phases, with adjacent parcels: the first phase consists of 1600 Soldiers Field Road and 15 Soldiers Field Place...
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    Worcester Infill and Small Developments

    Some misc. photos from around Worcester last weekend. Love that there are still some gas lamps--so cool!!
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    Worcester | Canal District infill/discussion

    Snapped some photos last weekend. It had been a while since I've visited! Did I spot Worcester's first separated cycletrack?? And Worcester has a Mochi Donut place now--you know the city has made it!
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    761-793 Boylston Street | Back Bay

    9 units of housing LOL. gotta avoid triggering that IDP threshold
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    General Boston Discussion

    Seattle has also grown faster in the last decade than pretty much any large city in the country, but has managed to slow rent price increases and in some instances even level them off. Seattle outbuilds all but some sprawling Sun Belt metros; it would be a much more expensive city given the...
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    Public Art in Worcester

    Some photos from a walk around Worcester this weekend. It's been several years since I've really walked around here, and there seems to be A LOT of new public art that generally looks fantastic! I know Lynn gets a lot of attention for its public art program and various murals (rightfully so)...
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    The Mercantile | Mercantile Street | Worcester

    Some shots from 1.15.23. Nice additions here, though much of the Mercantile / City Square area seems pretty sterile. Hope they have success filling in the remaining retail spaces--it's definitely a huge upgrade from when I worked around here. Also, the Mercantile Center logo looks very...
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    Worcester Kelley Square

    First time seeing the Kelley Sq peanut in action. Not really a fan, and sadly does not seem to be well-maintained--it looks like one of the HAWK signals has already been run over and not replaced? If drivers are running over your signal posts that's not a good sign that you've designed a good...
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    Table Talk Lofts | Washington Street | Worcester

    Snapped some photos on 1.15.23--
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    MXD Residential Tower | 135 Broadway | Kendall Square

    They were working in the snow this morning (1.16.23)!
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    Beverly Developments

    Took a trip to Beverly this weekend and snapped some shots of new or U/C infill development. All of this multi-family development is within a 2 minute walk of Beverly Depot commuter rail station, largely along Rantoul Street, which seems to be developing as a secondary retail corridor / High...
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    General Boston Discussion