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    BU Data Sciences Center | 665 Commonwealth Avenue | BU Central

    I'm (honestly) confused. At least once a week, usually more, I walk by 1 Dalton and, being a fan, I always check it out -- up close and from further away -- and usually snap a few pix. Aside fromt the glass, itself, being lovely (and probably the most "luxe" aspect of the tower), it's also never...
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    Winter Hill Star Market Redevelopment | 299 Broadway | Somerville

    Full steam ahead (fina-fucking-ly). Happily one of my best friends who lives in the area was paying closer attention to shit and hepped me to tonight's development. For anyone unfamiliar with the most up to date plans, here's a link.
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    "Dirty Old Boston"

    Except, as has been repeatedly noted, that would have destroyed the station below, causing even more hassle than the long, slow demo we're currently living through.
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    Union Square Somerville Infill and Small Developments

    I've seen that in renos of wood-frame houses when they want to remove supporting walls in order to achieve a more open floorplan. I'd guess that's what's going on here, but that's just a guess. If it is, then I don't expect it'll wind up being that the first floor is wood framing and the upper...
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    The Hub on Causeway (née TD Garden Towers) | 80 Causeway Street | West End

    pretty sure it's gone and the closest mc'd's is on washington st about a half-mile away. tasty burger is the current go-to near the garden for burgers.
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    The Hub on Causeway (née TD Garden Towers) | 80 Causeway Street | West End

    Don't I know it! My mom's company had season tix to the Celtics when I was in 4th-7th grade (which just so happened to be '83-'87ish, so that kinda worked out really well for young me) *and* my HS had tennis and raquetball practice at the building with the puffy, inflatable "roofs" which got...
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    One Post Office Square Makeover and Expansion | Financial District

    the renders which have been posted here a lot in the past many years show that it’s an outdoor common space.
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    View Boston (Observatory) | Prudential Tower | Back Bay

    Finding meaning in "height to highest occupiable floor" makes some horse-sense when considering overall height, but I've always found the hardline distinction between "height to architectural top" and "height to tip" to be dogmatic and pedantic silliness. To me, the Pru is just over 900' (907...
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    Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial | Boston Common | Downtown

    I've read a few articles and posts that pretty well echo this Phoenix author's column, but none have delivered the message better yet, IMO. Well-written, with a clear and admirably defended thesis.
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    Green Line Extension to Medford & Union Sq

    This is very informative and appreciated. The lot and related old ABJ building at the corner of Pearl and Marshall is the one big surprise to me, as one of the guys moving around used cars in that lot (it's been an ancillary lot for John's Auto Sales since... I dunno, the spring of '22?)...
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    Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial | Boston Common | Downtown

    Yup, you got it. Well done. The "crappy" is, of course, subjective and plenty already don't feel that way about it.
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    Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial | Boston Common | Downtown

    It's a slow news-cycle. In a week nobody will think or say anything about it.
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    Green Line Extension to Medford & Union Sq

    Sarma injected some life into the area. Another coffee shop or bar would be great.
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    Parcel 12 | 1001 Boylston Street | Back Bay

    i'm surprised CarGurus is still a thing (and apparently a pretty big thing). Aside from the fact that other platforms like Carvana are struggling mightily, CarGurus just seems from another time. I think of it in the same category as Ask Jeeves, GeoCities,, or Facebook. Anyway -- yeah...
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    Winthrop Center | 115 Winthrop Square | Financial District

    amazing shots. imagine if the thing had an "iconic" lit crown, as promised. :rolleyes:
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    Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial | Boston Common | Downtown

    Kind of like the reactions elicited by lots of significant art.