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  1. kennedy

    archBOSTON Update: A New Dawn

    Yeah, ideally would like to lock or delete the "cdohertyk" account. Already switched my email/password/etc for this one so we're golden for the future.
  2. kennedy

    archBOSTON Update: A New Dawn

    WHAT I GOT IT! Wow. Thank goodness I used the same terrible password for everything back in the day, and that my memory hasn't completely torched itself.
  3. kennedy

    Peabody Essex's New Gallery | Salem

    Re: Peabody Essex's New Gallery Crystal Bridges (another Safdie design, as it happens) is in Bentonville, Arkansas and I'd say a lot of people consider that a world class museum, and Bentonville is way the hell away from anywhere with 'cultural significance.'
  4. kennedy

    Seaport Square (Formerly McCourt Seaport Parcels)

    That Envoy is a very handsome building. As depressing as a lot of the Seaport buildings have been, good to see there's some decent (and even excellent) contemporary design happening.
  5. kennedy

    101 Seaport Blvd (PwC) | Parcel L1@Seaport Sq. | Seaport

    Re: 101 Seaport Blvd (PwC)/parcel L1@Seaport Sq./Seaport I imagine that it's more expensive considering there's still a lot of land surrounding the site, even with the development boom.
  6. kennedy

    New Ideas for the Site

    Even more so than a change in design; the forum needs a tweak in functionality in order to support broader, pro-development activism and pertinent development information. I'd volunteer, but soon I'll be back in Missouri and it's simply too difficult to stay up to date on Boston development from...
  7. kennedy

    New Ideas for the Site

    What happened to these ideas? I thought they were spot on and would do well in expanding the usability and popularity of the community, as well as building influence in the development community. I don't want to see the forum and close-knot discussion ended, but I think there is plenty of room...
  8. kennedy

    The Beverly (née Merano) (Parcels 1B & 1C) | Bulfinch Triangle | West End

    Re: The Merano So this was supposed to begin construction in Fall 2012. We're now halfway through Winter 2013, and there's no progress. Any ideas?
  9. kennedy

    East Boston Infill and Small Developments

    Does anyone know what the curvaceous building under construction at the other end of the park from the YMCA is?
  10. kennedy

    Avalon Exeter | 77 Exeter Street | Back Bay

    Re: New Tower(s) Planned For Prudential Center I'm not so sure. Maybe it's my predisposed hatred of PoMo, but I really don't like the Hynes. Wish they'd give it a facadectomy. Could be interesting as a Romanesque revival project, with those monumental arches.
  11. kennedy

    Avalon Exeter | 77 Exeter Street | Back Bay

    Re: New Tower(s) Planned For Prudential Center I like this idea. Imagine if they allowed food trucks or carts to park in the small plaza out front. Could end up being a very lively urban space, especially around lunchtime. Not only that, but the business folk working nearby would have much...
  12. kennedy

    Boston College Master Plan

    Re: Boston College Master Plan debut BRAVO. Gorgeous design, executed brilliantly. Applause to the BC administration for shelling out the money, and the architect and builders for taking a revival work so seriously. Back in Missouri, our "White Campus" is all collegiate Gothic and undergoing a...
  13. kennedy

    Liberty Mutual Tower | 157 Berkeley Street | Back Bay

    Re: Liberty Mutual plans major Boston expansion Exceptional craftsmanship, attention to detail, and quality materials. This building isn't supposed to be a stunner, it houses a company dedicated to minimizing risk. As an office development, I think it's a better tower than Russia Wharf. Street...
  14. kennedy

    Liberty Mutual Tower | 157 Berkeley Street | Back Bay

    Re: Liberty Mutual plans major Boston expansion Dare I say that I'm genuinely pleased with this building and pleasantly surprised by how it's turning out?
  15. kennedy

    The Kensington | 665 Washington Street | Downtown

    Re: Residences at Kensington Long time, no post. Anyways, I was staying on Tremont St. because I was in town to donate bone marrow at Dana-Farber (gorgeous building, by the way). Took a few pictures from the intersection of Stuart and Tremont. Flickr Photostream
  16. kennedy

    Gentlemen Hall

    KZ - I may be making my way to either Summer Set or North Coast. Will get in touch if I find myself there.
  17. kennedy

    Boston Nightlife

    Come to think of it, this might be a big reason. Plenty of shows get played in Worcester and Providence that might fuel audiences at venues in Boston, but they play elsewhere, so there isn't the same kind of demand for audiences. If ever a developer built another venue the size of HOB, to bring...
  18. kennedy

    Boston Nightlife

    I have some irrational distaste for the Pavilion I guess. It just doesn't seem like a fun place to see a show. And Armpits, although I haven't been around in quite some time, I don't remember you as being someone to criticize for being a know-it-all.
  19. kennedy

    Boston Nightlife

    I would've liked to see the lineup from the "Seaport Six" show but I refuse to see a show in a venue as shitty as the Pavillion. Might as well go see Kesha with my little sisters at the Garden or something. Hutch, seems like we have very similar tastes. I think we need more venues for these...
  20. kennedy

    Boston Nightlife

    Anyone else feel like it's severely lacking? I picked a random Tuesday night to go to NYC and saw Grouplove at Webster Hall in what was the best single show I had ever seen. I sit here on my laptop, and search and search for concerts in Boston, but the lineups at HOB, MidEast, Paradise, etc...