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    Atlantic Wharf (née Russia Wharf) | Atlantic Ave | Waterfront

    Re: Russia Wharf Yeah, a fine example of forticulture. justin
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    Boston Skyline

    ^Agreed. Ablarc, what I had in mind was site-specificity rather than originality., justin
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    Boston Skyline

    Sorry for being cryptic, ablarc. I was refering to your original photoshopped Boston skyline. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I took your point to be: wouldn't Boston's skyline be much better if it were peppered with towers like the kewl new ones from around the world. If that's your point, my...
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    Boston Skyline

    ^Ablarc, why is your first picture a Boston skyline (as opposed to Cleveland or Abu Dhabi or Lagos)? justin
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    Millennium Tower (Filene's) | 426 Washington Street | Downtown

    Re: Filene's Get some TARP money to cover the hole.
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    Best New Development Nominations

    The Mandarin. I neither love nor hate the architecture (certainly no worse than the much-ballyhooed Stern building on CPW). But it is the single best act of street-wall repair since we started destroying it after WWII, and for the forseeable future if Columbus Center continues on its present...
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    Bulfinch Crossing | Congress Street Garage | West End

    Re: Congress St Garage is being sold. And the winner is... CBT!
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    Bulfinch Crossing | Congress Street Garage | West End

    Re: Congress St Garage is being sold. So India reconquers Pakistan (with a few nukes presumably going off in the process)??
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    Harvard - Allston Campus

    Much as a Harvard-Allston-Longwood subway is a great idea, it's ridiculous to want to bum it from Harvard. The University's transportations needs will always be adequatly satisfied by shuttle busses; even if all of Cambridge campus, physicists and economists included, made a daily hegira to...
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    ⚫ One Marina Park @ Fan Pier | One Marina Park Drive | Seaport

    Re: Fan Pier ^I bet it will be even less fun when they put up the facade. Enjoy while you can...
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    Downtown Crossing/Financial District | Discussion

    How 'bout each store putting in its own canvas awning? Not as much protection, but it might be colorful and recall Washington St. of yore.
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    Cambridge Infill and Small Developments

    Sure: Y-U-C-K! If I were God, and if they errected that in my honor, I wouldn't wait till they died to cast them into hell, no teleporting to heaven allowed. justin
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    Ashmont development

    Again, from FredG on SubChat:
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    AvalonBay Tower (Jacob Wirth's) | 45 Stuart Street | Downtown

    Re: Jacob Wirth's Why not have the developers post a bond, to be forfeited if construction stalls? justin
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    Seaport Square (Formerly McCourt Seaport Parcels)

    That's a compliment, I take it? If generic Williamsburg style were to establish itself on SBW, it would be a quantum leap for Boston architecture. I find no fault with this building. justin
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    Museum Of Science Renovations | 1 Science Park | West End

    Re: Museum Of Science Renovation/ Addition I'm in favor of it, so long as they include a tilting path for ArchBoston members.
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    Columbus Center: RIP | Back Bay

    Re: Columbus Center A practical suggestion: I was away for a few days, and I would much prefer to be able to check for news or pictures on CC without having to scroll through page upon page of UFP theology. Can one or the other be hived off to a separate thread? justin
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    Seaport Square (Formerly McCourt Seaport Parcels)

    ^ You mean, like in Harvard Sq?
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    Apple Store Thread ][

    I beg to differ. It took real talent to make a building that matches the height of its neighbors, fills its lot, and still manages to feel like a missing tooth in the streetwall: The gray grid behind the glass was, I think, put in at the behest of neighborhood context-guardians, and it helps...
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    Winthrop Center | 115 Winthrop Square | Financial District