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  1. NR2Portland

    201 Federal Street | Residential Tower | Portland

    Sent to me today.
  2. NR2Portland

    Potential Soccer Stadium | Portland peninsula

    Looking at Providence’s stadium in the works, why wouldn’t Portland go with the waterfront stadium as well? The former fields where the eyesore water project is going on right now would be a gem of a location. Add a large walkway connected to the boulevard with retail and sports...
  3. NR2Portland

    Portland Bayside

    Looking at the proposal sent by Cosakita18 it’s obviously very impressive, would like to see a little more height, but one area I’m particularly excited for is Lancaster Street. I’m sure it will be down the road a ways (time wise) but the buildings 3 and 5B will make up a very good looking...
  4. NR2Portland

    52 Hanover St | Apartments | Portland

    Extremely excited for the Lancaster Court side of the Hanover development! This will be one of the liveliest pedestrian streets in Portland if the right retail is put in here on the ground level of the development.
  5. NR2Portland

    52 Hanover St | Apartments | Portland

    Can’t wait for this one! The outdoor area between the building and the existing restaurant will be great too!
  6. NR2Portland

    South Portland, Maine

    Love the idea of this for so many reasons. One lesson developers need to learn is how to personalize plans to please an audience, especially when it’s around Portland. You can’t just say I’m going to put 4 18 story buildings in on the water next to a beloved park where there are no towers in the...
  7. NR2Portland

    201 Federal Street | Residential Tower | Portland

    A shot right before the storm! Look closely and you can see they’re in the process of lifting a side panel. Can’t even imagine the wind the crane faced today.
  8. NR2Portland

    The Longfellow Hotel | 754 Congress Street | Portland

    A little more progress a month after the update from Matt
  9. NR2Portland

    Hobson's Landing | Aloft Hotel | 383 Commercial Street | Portland

    Anything planned for the other side of the Irving next to the Hobsons Landing project? Can’t believe real estate like this is still a gravel parking lot!!
  10. NR2Portland

    Scarborough, ME

    Just wanted to take a moment to appreciate all the development taking place in Scarborough. If you save these two photos to your camera roll and flip back and fourth quickly you will see The Beacon on the left and The Downs developed. Left picture is earlier and the right picture is probably...
  11. NR2Portland

    Falmouth Shopping Center Redevelopment

    Looks like they put a dinner menu on the side of this building… did not help the dullness haha!🤣
  12. NR2Portland

    Falmouth Shopping Center Redevelopment

    This building turned out beautifully at night, not a huge fan of the colors during the day but the lighting is outstanding. The signage along route 1 is well lit as well. Falmouth has plenty of potential to grow! As long as you get past the crunchies that complain about this “skyscraper” going in!!
  13. NR2Portland

    Falmouth Shopping Center Redevelopment

    Any updates on this?
  14. NR2Portland

    Westbrook, ME

    Vertical Harvest coming along. Such a big project for Westbrook that I feel will lead to more larger scale (taller) projects in the future. I’d propose that this project get its own thread due to its size and impact on the area!!
  15. NR2Portland

    Portland Museum of Art Expansion | Portland

    Very well said, I wonder if MVRDV watched the other presentations and said “on s***” 😂. That was pretty bad in my opinion. Love the Adjaye design and presentation!
  16. NR2Portland

    Maine Public Broadcasting Bldg. | 25 Commercial St. | Portland

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. This video presentation was perfectly executed and I’m very excited to see this passed and break ground!
  17. NR2Portland

    General Portland Discussion

    I never noticed this signage next to Back Bay Tower facing Mechanic Street. I thought it was a very nice addition, I’m not sure if I’ve been blind to it for this long but I thought it was worth sharing!
  18. NR2Portland

    Rock Row (née The Ridge, née Dirigo Plaza) | Westbrook, ME

    That’s a very optimistic timeline! I hope they can follow through with that but building all of that (or beginning to build all of that) within the next 4 years seems unrealistic. Maybe I’m wrong? 750 housing units, hotels, food halls, a conference center, an office tower, and more in 4 or so years.
  19. NR2Portland

    Maine Medical Center Expansion | Portland

    this will be quite a building once completed. Very imposing.